History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
On the 12th of the following March, 1767, the first annual town meeting was held at the dwelling house of Orlando Weed, on lot No. 10, second range of 100 acres, now owned by Samuel and Thomas Potter. At this meeting, Stephen Dudley was chosen Moderator, Joseph Badger, Town Clerk, and Joseph Badger, John Sanborn and John Mudgett, Selectmen. It is said that, at this meeting all voters could stand on one plank.

The year 1767 was also marked by the addition of several important families to the settlement. On the 13th of February, Lieut. Jeremiah Cogswell arrived with his family from Haverhill, Ms.  Among the other families who came this year, were those of Thomas Flanders, David Elkings, Abner Evans, David Edgerly, Samuel Avery, and also John Gilman, the first house-joiner, who moved in October. Lieut. Cogswell settled on lot no. 1, second range of 100 acres, John Gilman on the 1st gore, Mr. Flanders No. 21, Mr. Elkings No. 18, 2d range of 40 acres, David Edgerly No. 11, 1st range of 100 acres, and Mr. Avery No. 3, 2d range.

On the 9th of June, the Committee who were appointed to lay out the 8 lots on the North East corner of the town, made their return to the Proprietors, and it was accepted.


There were now 45 families in town. The whole population amounted to 250 souls; 139 males, 111 females. one were over 60 years of age, 47 married men, 44 married females, and 1 widow, 18 unmarried men between 16 and 60, 73 boys under 16, and 67 girls and unmarried females.

The inhabitants having now become sufficiently numerous to hold town meetings in Gilmanton, the Proprietary History will, from this time, be combined with the Civil History; as it embraces only a few incidental acts in the subsequent years. Occasional meetings, only, of the Proprietors were held after this time, as the police affairs and the annual business were managed by the inhabitants themselves. A few summary notices are all that will be added to this portion of the History.

* Colored for easier visual
Names.Time.Lots. Ranges

Benjamin Mudgett,Dec. 26,  1761No.  4, 2, low. 100 ac.
John Mudgett, Dec. 27,  1761No.  4, 2,"
Orlando Weed,Jan. 10,  1762     No.10, 2,"
Lemuel Rand,         1762No. 5, 2,"
Samuel Gilman, Brentwood, 1762No. 8, 3,"
Jonathan Edgerly,    1762No.  8, 2,"
Thomas Edgerly,1762No. 8, 2,"
Thomas Taylor, 1762No. 4, 2,"
Joseph Smith,     1762No. 3, 2,"
John Kimball,1762      No. 4, 3,"
Jeremiah Conner, Exeter,  Jan. 18,  1763No. 5, 3,"
Joshua Bean,   March    1763No. 2, 2, "
Jeremiah Richardson, Exeter,  March    1763No. 6, 2,"
John Fox, Exeter    March     1763No. 6,2,"
Ithiel Clifford, 1763No. 14, 3,"
Gilman Lougee,March     1763
Joseph Badger, Haverhill, Ms  July  1763No. 16 and 17,"
Rev. William Parsons,   Aug.1,    1763No. 4, 1,"
Jude Bean,    1763No. 4, 2, "
Samuel Parsons, Exeter, 1763No.1, 1, "
Stephen Dudley, Exeter,  1764
Philip Payne, 1764
Richard Sinkler,   1764No.1, 1, "
Summersbee Gilman, Exeter,       1764No. 33, 1,"
John Moody, Kingston,     1764No. 5, Upper 100 ac.
John Sanborn, New Market,   1764No.16, 1, 40 acres.
Samuel Morrison,  1765No. 2, of lower gore
Nicholas Gilman, Brentwood, June     1765No.1, 3, low. 100 ac.
Joseph Philbrook, Exeter, 1765No.26, 1, 40 acres.
Ephraim Morrill, Brentwood,    1766No.9, 1, low. 100 ac.
Samuel Ladd, Exeter   1766
Dudley Young, 1766No. 13, 2,"
Winthrop Gilman,   1766No. 13, 2, 40 acres.
Joseph Badger, Jr., Haverhill, Ms.      1766No. 7, upper 100 ac.
Jeremiah Cogswell, Feb. 13,   1767No. 1, 2 low. 100 ac.
Thomas Flanders, 1767No.21, 2, 40 acres.
David Elkins,   1767No.18, 2, 40 acres.
Abner Elkins,   1767
Samuel Avery, 1767No.3, 3, low, 100 ac.
David Edgerly, 1767No. 11, 1,"
John Gilman, Exeter,   1767No. 3, 1st gore.