History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
In 1770, Edward Scribner Mudgett, John Buzzell, Reuben Allen, Jonathan Clark and Simeon Hatch, commenced operations and established themselves as citizens. The annual town meeting was held on the 8th of March, at Jonathan Edgerly's, on lot No. 8, second range, lower 100 acres, where Capt. Gilman Kelly now lives. At this meeting L20 were raised to defray the expense of the town school this year. On the 5th of June, 1770, the Proprietors held their last meeting in Exeter. At this meeting they voted, that in the future the meetings of the Proprietors should be held in Gilmanton, and Joseph Badger was appointed Clerk. They also by vote, refused to make "Province Road," which had been laid out from Portsmouth to Canada, through Gilmanton, by an act of the General Court.

It appears that the new Clerk of the Proprietors, had some difficulty in obtaining the Records; forth following charge is found in the Treasurer's accounts, " June, 1770, to going to Portsmouth to ask advice how to get the Records, 12s," and on the 6th of Nov. 1770, Ebenezer Smith and Antipas Gilman of said town, were appointed to receive the Books containing the Records from Dr. Josiah Gilman, the former Clerk, and give him a receipt for the same, and deliver them to Joseph Badger, the present Clerk. It further appears that some complaints had been made in relation to the Masonian shares, and in reference to the line between Gilmanton and Barnstead; for Ebenezer Smith, Joseph Badger, Rev. William Parsons and Antipas Gilman, were chosen a Committee to attend General Court, explain the Plan of the town, and Proprietors' books, if there be any mistake in the numbering of the lots of the Masonian shares, or of any others, and to show the line between Gilmanton and Barnstead is plain, and that there is no need of a Committee of General Court in reference to these subjects.

Joseph Badger, John Dudley and Antipas Gilman, were appointed to see that the bounds between Barnstead and Gilmanton, are kept up, and to lay out as many lots as will supply the Proprietors also Joseph Badger, Ebenezer Smith and Antipas Gilman, were appointed to lay out the Shares of the two Governors, viz. 500 acres to Gov. Shute, and 500 to Lieut. Gov. Wentworth; this being the amount comprised in each Proprietor's share.