History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
On the 19th of March, 1771, Strafford County was formed, and the town of Gilmanton, which had heretofore belonged to Rockingham County, was now embraced within the limits of Strafford County. During the year, Samuel and David Fifield, Paine Smith and John Allen, moved into place. The annual meeting was held on the 14th of March, at the house of Col. Antipas Gilman, the first Innholder in town. Col. Gilman's house was on lot No. 2, of the first gore, nearly opposite where Richard C. Tilton now lives. The article to see what the town will raise to hire a Minister, was dismissed; the term of the Proprietors' engagements to furnish preaching not having yet expired. Voted to allow the constable 6d. per pound for collecting taxes. On the 1st of June, an assessment was made by the Selectmen upon all the lands in Gilmanton of L331 9s 5.; it being the tax ordered by the General Court of the Province, to pay Richard Jenness and John McDuffie, Esqrs. for making the Province Road through this town.

Sept. 10. The Proprietors voted to pay the Province Road tax on the Masonian shares, and to sell so much public land as would meet this expense; and that Ebenezer Smith, Esq. and Antipas Gilman be a Committee to sell the same. They also voted that the Rev. William Parsons, Joseph Badger, and Ebenezer Smith, Esqrs. and Anipas Gilman, be a Committee to draw the numbers that still remain in the boxes for Proprietors, who have not drawn. The 15th of Oct., was appointed as the day to draw, and Dea. Ebenezer Bachelder was designated as the agent to put his hand into the box, and draw for the Proprietors. Joseph Badger, Esq. was chosen Treasurer. No. 43, in the third range and 43, in the fourth range of the second division of 40 acres, (now Gilford,) were entered as Ministerial lots instead of 41 and 42 in the fourth range as first chosen.