History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
In the month of May, 1776, Joseph Philbrook, a very worthy citizen, died, leaving a widow and two children. He was the first individual buried in the grave-yard, near the First Congregational Meeting House. He had been one of the Selectmen; was, at the time of his death, one of the Building Committee of the Meeting House; and was Lieutenant in the Militia. Later in the season, Samuel Gilman, James Folsom, and Samuel Dudley, all died of what was called the "Camp Fever;" a disease which prevailed as an epidemic, and swept off several very valuable citizens.

In July of this year, 16 soldiers were enlisted from the town of Gilmanton to reinforce the Northern Army. They consisted of Joseph Badger, Jr.,Captain, John Parsons, Ensign, Bradbury Sinkler, Corporal, Richard Sinkler, Drummer, and Joshua Sinkler, Fifer. Privates, Jeremiah Richardson, Robert Tibbetts, Stephen Dudley, Jr., David Clough, John Avery, Thomas Currier, Jonathan James, Stephen Huckins, Nathaniel Dow, Jonathan Marstin, Jonathan Magoon, Samuel Maloon, John Drake, Ebenezer Garland Jr., Winthrop Durgin, John Rawlings, Benjamin Burleigh. There were 93 in the company. They went to reinforce the Army in Canada, and were out 3 months and 8 days. They were paid L7 6s. in advance. Their service was performed principally at Ticonderoga and Mount Independence, in Col. Bedell's Regiment, and was very arduous and important to the country.

During the same year, Capt. John Moody enlisted 20 men, joined the Army, and marched under Washington to New York. They were out 3 months 8 days. The following is a list of the men. John Moody, Captain; Privates, Nathaniel Badger, William Sibley, Robert Bryant, John Mudgett, Moses Miles, Samuel Gilman, Jr., John Dow, Joseph Smith, Elisha Hutchinson, Lemuel Rand, Samuel Osgood, David Bean, Joseph Mudgett, William Tilton, Stephen Wells, Levi Hutchinson, Pearson Smith, Thomas Frohock, John Taylor, Ezekiel Moulton.

On the 22nd of November, a town meeting was held in connection with the town of Barnstead, at the house of William Parsons, Jr., for the choice of a Representative to the Assembly, to meet in Exeter in December of this year. Joseph Badger, Esq., was unanimously chosen. Also votes were cast for two members of Council, to be sent from this country. The candidates,  both or Representatives and Counselors, were to be men possessed of real estate to the amount of L200, lawful money. At this Assembly or Convention, a Constitution or Plan of Government was adopted, to continue in force during the War. It went immediately into operation, and Meshech Weare of Hampton Falls was appointed President of the Province, which office he held by re-elections for 9 years.

John Worth, Joseph Osgood, and Barzilla Hinds were settlers of this year.