History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
On the 11th of March, (1784) the annual town meeting was held; the article in the warrant to bring in votes for President and Representatives, under the new Constitution, seems for the first time to have been acted upon. Votes for President, were for Meshech Weare 35. Dea. Stephen Dudley and John Shepard, Esq. were appointed Overseers of the Poor. Such was the depreciation in the currency, and the difficulty of paying the war and other taxes, that the town voted not to raise money for the support of the schools this year. Dr. Hill and sundry others had paid Capt. Hall in beef creatures in stead of paying the Selectmen for the beef the town authorized them to purchase. The town voted that the Constables collect the beef tax of them notwithstanding, and they were to settle with Capt. Hall. But it was agreed not to distress Dr. Hill until he had sued Capt. Hall and recovered damages, provided that he proceed with his case at the next Court.

The settlers of this year, were Samuel Smith, Jabes James, Isaiah Clough, Simeon Taylor, Col. Thomas Cogswell, Sergeant Currier, Thomas Frohock, James Pickering, merchant, Caleb Shotwell, John Nelson, Charles Rundlett, John Tilton, Mark Emerson, Mark Emerson, Jr., James Chase, and Abraham Parsons.