History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
March 10, 1785, a Committee was chosen to divide the town into school districts, also voted to raise L150 to support the schools the ensuing year. It was further agreed that all the orders that were given for the cattle which Capt. Hall received, excepting Dr. Hill's and Capt. Summersbee Gilman's orders , should be received by the Constables, and that their orders be received also, on condition that Dr. Hill give the full contents of his execution to the town, which is in Col. Davis' hands free of expense, and that Capt. Summersbee Gilman deliver to the Selectmen all the Continental money of the new emission, which is in his hands. On the 28th of March, the town voted to accept the report of the Committee to set off the school districts, 14 in number. Sundry persons petitioned to have their portion of the school money, which was granted. Four soldiers, six months  men, were paid for their services in the War. Stephen Leavitt, Jeremiah Sanborn, Moses Emerson, Benjamin Burnham, Josiah Avery, William Morrison, Ebenezer Clark, Henry Plummer and Eliphalet Griffin settled this year.

The Articles in the Warrant at the Annual Meeting, March 10, to bring in votes for President and Representative to the State Legislature, were passed over without action. At a meeting, August 10, brought in votes for County Treasurer and Recorder of Deeds. David Edgerly and Edward Fox, two of the citizens, died in November.