History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
At the annual meeting, March 9, (1786) it was agreed to repair the bridge over the Suncook River near Evans' Mills, and a Committee was raised to visit the School Districts, and to make alterations as might be thought proper. Peaslee Badger and Andrew Page suffered loss by fire, on account of which their taxes were abated. At a meeting, Sept. 4, the town voted to complete making the Road laid out by Simeon Hoit's. The town met also on the 4th of Dec.  On an Article in the Warrant, to see if the town would accept the plan proposed by a Committee of the Legislature for the emission of the paper money, 35 voted in the negative, and 5 in favor. It was also agreed to pay 10 dollars bounty for every grown wolf, and 5 dollars for every whelp which might be caught the ensuing year. The selectmen were directed to procure a cow for the use of Abner Evans. Nathaniel Ladd and his family were supported by the town, and the widow Sarah Gilman had her taxes abated. Daniel Grant, Joseph Clarke, Hibbard Morrill, David Meder, Aaron Moses, and Dudley Prescott, were settlers of this year.