History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
In 1787, March 8th, the Selectmen were instructed to petition the inhabitants Pittsfield, to alter or turn the road round Catamount. An article to see if the town would pay Lieut. Eastman, John Fox, and Stephen Dudley, Jr.,  for seven guns taken away from them at Winter Hill, in 1775, by order of Gen. Stark, was voted in the negative; it being considered the duty of the State to furnish fire arms in time of war, and to remunerate any persons whose guns were taken from them for the service. L150 were raised for the schools this year; and the inhabitants of the upper Parish were taxed to Rev. Messrs. Powers and Smith, it being understood that they should enjoy the preaching of these two settled Ministers of the town in proportion to what they should pay, and at such places as they might choose.  Votes were unanimously cast for Joseph Pierce, Register of Deeds. The votes cast for President of the State under the new Constitution, were for his Excellency John Sullivan, Esq., 175; for Senators, Ebenezer Thompson, Esq. 187, Ebenezer Smith, Esq. 187.