History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
In 1790, March 11th, the town met to do the annual business. It was agreed to continue the work of repairing the Suncook Bridge by Districts, and that the Selectmen procure a barrel of rum to be laid out on the Suncook Bridge and Meredith Bridge  at discretion. At the adjourned meeting, March 25th, the town released Joseph Young from serving as Selectmen, and appointed Lieut. Dudley Thing in his stead. The town also met on the 13th of August, and appointed Thomas Cogswell, Esq., Col. Samuel Greely, and Col. Joseph Badger, Jr., a Committee to devise a plan to detect thieves, in case there should be any thing stolen in town. This vote originated from the fact that Moses Page had his horse stolen; and so far as is known, it was the first instance of the kind which had taken place in the town. On the 13th of December, the freemen of the town met to cast their votes for  Representative to Congress. The following is the state of the vote: for Jeremiah Smith, Esq., 24: Nicholas Gilman Esq., 10: Abiel Foster, Esq., 16. Thomas Cogswell, Esq. 20. The votes for Senator in the State Legislature were for Joseph Badger, Jr., Esq., 39; Ebenezer Smith, Esq., 63. The settlers mentioned on the records of this year were Jeduthan Farrar, Philbrick Rand, David Sanborn, Joseph Garmon, David Clough, and Dr. Obadiah Parish.