History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
The annual town meeting was held on the 14th of March, 1793. The town decided that " no person shall on any public meeting day, or any Court day, sell any spirituous liquors either on the common lands or highways within 50 rods of the place where such town meeting or Court is held, on penalty of 20s. for every such offence."

A vote of the town was also passed, locating the Academy on the site which it now occupies. A particular history of its location will be found in the Literary History of the town. At this meeting, the votes were cast for the Chief Magistrate for the first time under the new title of Governor. The result of the vote was as follows: for Governor, Josiah Bartlett, 252; for Counselor, Joseph Badger, Esq, 235; for Senator, Ebenezer Smith, Esq., 223; for Recorder of Deeds, Joseph Parsons, 495.

The privilege was granted to the people of Gunstock Parish to cut timber on the mill lot in that Parish, and saw in Hoit and Smith's mill, if it be for a meeting house only.

The additional names upon the Records this year, were True Page, Caleb Marston, Enoch Hunt, David Tilton, Jonathan Prescott, Jonathan Rundlett, John Chase, Jonathan Leavitt, Bezaleel Beede, Dr. Williams, Enoch Badger, Jonathan Downing, Wiggins Taylor, Nathaniel Dow, Joshua Pickering.