History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
The annual town meeting was held on the 13th of March (1794). The following is a full schedule of the vote: For Governor, John Taylor Gilman 312, Abiel Foster 18; for Counselor, Hon. Joseph Badger 303: for Senator, Ebenezer Smith, 281; for Recorder of Deeds, Joseph Parsons, 404; for Representatives, Joseph Badger, Jr., and Col. Samuel Greely. It was by the application of instrumentality of these Representative, that, on the twentieth of June 1794, the Charter of the Academy, and Institution which has been such an honor and blessing to the town, was obtained. It was enacted by the town that each citizen should pay his proportion in building or repairing school houses in the district to which he belonged, and that in case spirituous liquors were sold on any public day, except at those house which had been licensed by the Selectmen for that purpose, the Selectmen should prosecute at the expense of the town any person who thus offend against the expressed wish of the town. On the 25th of August, the town met to cast their votes for Representatives to Congress. The following was the state of the vote; Jeremiah Smith 34, Abiel Foster 34, John Prentice 32, John S. Sherburne 25. On the 8th of December, the town met again for the choice of Representatives, there being no choice on the former trial, and cast 218 votes for Abiel Foster. The Article to see whether the town would vote to raise money to build the Academy House and Court House, was decided in the negative. The following names are found on the Records of this year as settlers: Daniel Hoit, Jonas Flagg, Stephen Swett, Daniel Fitzgerald, Paul Merrill, Jonathan Lyford.