History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
At the annual meeting on the 12th of March (1795), the votes for State and County Officers were as follows: for Governor John T. Gilman, 136: for Counselor, Joseph Badger, Esq., 198; for Senator, Ebenezer Smith, 149; for Recorder of Deeds, John Plummer, 150. It was agreed to hold the next town meeting in the meeting house by Josiah Weeks', in the upper Parish. On the Article to see if the town would build a stone bridge by John Lougee's fulling mill, it was agreed to refer the subject to a Committee. Voted to pay ten dollars each to Matthias Weeks for two wolves he had killed since the bounty was discontinued. The Minister tax was raised in the upper Parish as in past years, and Joseph Badger, Jr., Joseph Young, and Col. Samuel Ladd, were chosen to lay out the money.