History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
At the annual meeting, March 8th, (1808), a petition was presented to have the upper Parish set off to be united with a part of Meredith. The town voted that it was not expedient to set off the upper Parish as a town to be annexed to a part of Meredith. In the month of January, Gilmanton Academy was consumed by fire. It was agreed to raise $500 towards rebuilding the Academy, and preparing it for town use, and also to lease a part of the School lot near Rev. Mr. Smith's Meeting House, together with a part of the broad high way adjacent, and use the proceeds for the same purpose. Near the close of the meeting, it was voted to reconsider the resolution raising $500 for rebuilding the Academy. At a meeting of the town on the 29th of August, Stephen Moody, Esq., John Ham, Esq., Samuel Greely, Esq.,  Daniel Hoit, and Daniel Avery were chosen to report an Address to the President of the United States. The Address was reported and accepted, and a copy of it was ordered to be put on file.