History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
 Published in 1845 
On the 12th of March (1812), on the petition to have the town consent by vote to set off Gunstock Parish into a separate town, the vote failed of being carried. But on the Article to see whether the town would oppose in the Legislature the application about to be made by the citizens of Gunstock Parish, for an act of incorporation, it was voted in the negative. The application, therefore, was successful, and on the 16th of June that part of Gilmanton called Gunstock was disannexed, and, by an act of the State Legislature, erected into a separate town, called Gilford.

The conditions of this Act, as may be seen by a reference to it, were a just and proportionate division of the town charges up to this date, and a proportionate responsibility in supporting the non-resident paupers and their offspring, for which the town may hearafter be liable.

From this date which completes half a century from the settlement of the town, the civil proceedings are too recent, and too much within recollections of the present generation to become minutely matters of History. From this period, therefore, a few of the more important facts and events only will be inserted, and Civil History will close.