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Hackett, Allan Joesph (4)

 d. 05/24/1889

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Son of Jeremiah & Husband of Mary Young

He was a writer and a politician. He wrote The History of Belknap County.

Hackett, Charles Alfred Esq.

b. 1821

d. 11/15/1899

78 years

He lost his wife and sons during the last 8 years of life. Instrumental in bringing the railroad to Belmont, NH. Attorney for soldiers in getting pensions. Democrat-so he didn't win many elections. Lived on home/farm all his life and was actually born there.

Died from complications of diseases from which he had been afflicted with for a very long time.

Hackett, Charles Warren DR. (3)

b. 09/08/1851

d. 06/30/1882

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Hackett, George Herbert (1)

b. 01/25/1845

d. 01/26/1890

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Hackett, Sophronia J.(2)



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Unknown, (5)

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The vault contains assorted and a handsome skull which smiles up at you, as you peak through the door. It is unknown who is buried there.

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The Vault Contains assorted bones and a very handsome skull which smiles at you, as you peek through the door. It is unknown who is buried there.

Hackett Cemetery is located on Hackett Road in Belmont, NH. *Coming from the intersection of  Laconia Road (State Route 106) Gilmanton Road (State Route 140 East) continue across Laconia Road and continue to follow Gilmanton Road  taking a left onto Hackett Road. Go .5 miles on Hackett Road to stone wall. Follow stone wall out into woods until you see vault.* It is hidden by trees and bushes bordered  on left by a stone wall and is #10 on the map.

*The first person known to be buried here was Dr. Charles Warren Hackett on June 30, 1882 and the last known person was George Herbert Hacket on January 26, 1890. There are six (6) people buried here.*

*Edited by Diane Marden to reflect today’s directions

According to the Wuelper deed 1/4 acre and the right of way to the cemetery belongs to the Hackett's and their heirs forever.