Weymouth Cemetery - Burial Ground

Weymouth Cemetery is located on Brown Hill Road in Belmont, NH. *Coming from the intersection of  Laconia Road (State Route 106 North), take right onto Brown Hill Road. Follow Brown Hill Road 1.4 miles, cemetery is on left to rear of property.* It is hidden by trees and bushes bordered by a stone wall and is #11 on the map

     This is a fairly large area enclosed by a wall of well stacked field stones. Six unmarked graves and two uninscribed fields stones  are readily disconcernable. Stan Hill said there used to be 4 or 5 gravestones there at one time.

     There is a story that once when the caretaker Orrin Page was mowing he noticed a stone missing . He asked a small boy sitting on the wall about it and he said "Oh yes, my father used it in the foundation of the house." presumably all the other stones went in the same way as there are none now.

     Cushings and Sanborn have common ancestors, several generations ago, who are supposed to be buried there.