Lamprey Cemetery

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Husband, Wife or Child of


Avery, Nathaniel (2)

d. 01/20/1842


Not Listed

Not Listed

Avery, Nathaniel (3)

d. 06/27/1825


Not Listed

Not Listed

Bradley, Sarah (1)

d. 01/13/1896


Wife of Bailey Young

Not Listed

Folsom, Betsy (4)

d. 06/23/1807


Daughter of John& Mary Folsom

Not Listed

Folsom, John (8)

d. 05/10/1821


Husband of Mary Folsom

Rev. Soldier

Folsom, Mary (9)

d. 11/02/1843


Wife of John Folsom

Not Listed

Hollins, Hannah (5)

d. 12/29/1816


Wife of Benjamin Hollins

Not Listed

Lamprey, Arthur H. (13)

d. 11/23/1905

64yrs., 8d.

Husband to Emma J. Lamprey & son of Asa Lamprey & Deborah Sanborn

Not Listed

Lamprey, Asa (17)

d. 07/31/1850


Husband of Deborah S. Sanborn Lamprey

"friends nor physicians could not save His mortal body from the grave Nor can the grave confine him there Than CHRIST his savior doth appear"

Lamprey, Deborah S. Sanborn (16)



Wife of Asa Lamprey

"saved by grace"

Lamprey, Emma J. (12)

d. 12/05/1895

51yrs.,1m., 20d.

Wife of Arthur H. Lamprey

"weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning"

Lamprey, John (10)

d. 03/29/1899


Son of Bessie Rogers

Not Listed

Lamprey, Laura O. (15)

d. 03/25/1874

33yrs., 8 m.

Wife of A.W. Kimball

"She hath done what she could"

Lamprey, Nellie Bird (11)

d. 05/12/1869


Daughter of A.H. & E.J. Lamprey

" safe on the shepards bosom resteth the little one"

Lamprey, Sarah A. (14)

d. 10/16/1874

31yrs.,8m., 12d.

Not Listed

" I will give thee rest"

Sanborn, Huldah (3)

d. 04/11/1860


Formerly wife of Nathaniel Avery

Not Listed

Welch, John R. (7)



Son of David & Dorothy Welch

" Stop traveler as you pass by , As you are now, so once was I , As I am now, so will you be Prepare for death and follow me"

Welch, Sarah (6)

d. 09/15/1843


Daughter of David & Dorothy Welch

"joyful be thy silent journey, joyful in thy grace so low, Thou no more can join our minds, thou no more our songs can hear."


Lamprey Cemetery is located on Province Road in Belmont, NH. *Coming from Laconia Road (State Route 106 North) take a right onto Leavitt Road. Follow Leavitt Road to end, turn right onto Province Road (State Route 107 South), and take your next left onto Durrell Mountain Road.  The cemetery is located immediately on right. It is enclosed by a matched granite wall and has an iron gate.* Lamprey Cemetery is #19 on the map.

*The first person known to be buried here is Betsy Folsom on June 23, 1807, and the last known person was Arthur H. Lamprey on November 23, 1905.

There are eighteen (18) people buried here.*

*Edited by Diane Marden to reflect today’s directions.

xxx Are uninsribed field stones. There are some small markers with intials.