Dow Cemetery

 Name & Place



Husband, Wife or Child of


Dow, Daniel (1)

d. 01/29/1879


Not listed

 "at rest"

Dow, Elihu (6)

d. 08/05/1860

Not Listed

Not listed

Not Listed

Hill, Eliza A. (4)    

d. 10/31/1915

Not Listed

Wife of John N. Hill

Not Listed

Leonard, Henry W. (3)

b. 07/12/1838

d. 07/16/1910


Not Listed

Co.G. 2nd Regt. District of Columbia Post 37 G.A.R.

Leonard, J.O. (5)

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Co. B. 1st Mass Cav. No Dates American Legion flag

Leonard, Sarah (2)

 b. 06/11/1804

d. 10/02/1904

Not Listed

Wife of J.R. Leonard

Not listed

Notes :

1) J.O. Leonard  Co. B  1st Mass. Calvary   No Other Information Listed

2) Henry W. Leonard was part of  Co. G. 2nr Regiment Dist. of Columbia Post 37


Folsom Cemetery is located on Province Road in Belmont, NH. *Coming from Laconia Road (State Route 106 North) take a right onto Leavitt Road. Follow Leavitt Road to end, turn right onto Province Road (State Route 107 South).  Continue on Province Road for 1.9 miles, the cemetery is on the left, at the intersection of Hoadley Road. It is enclosed by a white.*  Dow Cemetery is #22 on the map.

*The first person known to be buried here is Elihu Dow on August 5, 1860,  and the last known person was Henry W. Leonard on June 16, 1910. There are six (6) people buried here.*

*Edited by Diane Marden to reflect today’s directions.