Jackson Cemetery

Burial Ground


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Husband, Wife or Child of

Epitaph & Notes

Jackson, Abigail (6)

d. 04/21/1836


Daughter of E. & A. Jackson

Not Listed

Jackson, Daniel (4)

d. 05/11/1832


Son of E. & A. Jackson

Not Listed

Jackson, Elijah (8)

d. 12/04/1861


Husband of Hannah Jackson

Not Listed

Jackson, Hannah (7)

d. 07/04/1855


Wife of Elijah Jackson

"Blessed are the dead that die in the LORD."

Love, E.J. (1)

 d. 08/24/1849

 1 yrs.1 mo.

Son of John G. and Julia Ann Jackson Love

This would be Elijah's Grandson. Son of his Daughter Julia.

Love, John G. (2)

 b. 1827

d. 10/08/1862

40yrs., 4m., 15d.

Husband of Julia Anne Jackson Love

Enlisted in 1861 the Civil war, died at Harpers Ferry VA.

Love, Julia A. (2)

d. 03/28/1878

56yrs., 6mo.,28d.

Not Listed

To the memory of our father and mother

Love, Samuel (3)

 d. 01/21/1881

21yrs., 1m., 13d.

Probably the son of John and Julia Love

He would have been 1y and 10m when his father was killed in the civil war. His mother would have been 38 when he was born.

Unknown, (5)

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Uninscribed small foot stone


The Jackson Cemetery is located in the center of a field *at 65 Jamestown Road*. Coming from Depot Street (State Route 140 West) it appears on your left, is 0.5 miles, and has a wall consisting of rough field stones.*

*(above)Edited to reflect directions by todays standards (4/2006)

There is 1 uninscribed field stone.

Nine (9) people are buried here. Jackson Cemetery is #2 on the Map.