Gile Cemetery

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Wife or Child of

  Epitaph & Notes

Clark, Mahala D. (10)

  b. 04/26/1819

  d. 01/02/1854


Not listed

" A beloved wife and fond mother Sleeps, When will morning come"

Gile, Capt. Asa (5)

  d. 07/20/1856


Husband of Maria

None Given

Gile, Maria (4)

  d .05/06/1875


Second Wife of Cpt. Asa Gile

None Given

Gile, Mehitable M. (2)

  d. 01/28/1888


Wife of Charles

None Given

Gile, Sara J. (7)

  d. 10/02/1829

1 yr.,1mo.

Twin Daughter of Asa& Mary Gile

None Given

Gile, Asa C. (*J.) (7)

  d 06/05/1860


Twin Son of Asa & Mary Gile

None Given

Gile,  Charles B. (1)

  d. 01/28/1898


 Husband of Mehitable M.

None Given

Gile,  Adelaide V.

  d. 06/28/1850


None Listed

None given

Gile, Mary (6)

  d .09/18/1828


First Wife to Cpt. Asa Gile

None Given

Gile, Mary J. (3)

  d. 03/23/1866

8yrs., 8mo.

Daughter of Charles& Mehitble Gile

None Given

Leavitt, Mary C. (8)

  d. 10/29/18??

26yrs., 2mo., 22 days

Wife of John Leavitt

"Sister thou wast mild and lovely , gentle as a summer breeze, Pleasant as the evening air when it floats among the trees"

Gile, Adelaide V. (*B.)(9)

d. 06/28/1850

10 yrs.

Not Listed

Not Listed

 Notes :

*Figures listed in typescript stored at the NH Historical Society in Concord, NH.

Gile Cemetery is located on Jamestown Road, Belmont, NH * it is located 1 mile from Depot Street (State Route 140 West) at house #229. It is on the left in a field and walled by rough field stones.* The stile is cut granite, and it is #3 on the Map.

*(above) Edited by Diane M. Marden to reflect location as of  4/2006.

Eleven (11) people are buried here.

It is walled in by rough field stones . The stile is rough granite .  Location on Map #3