Jundkins/Hunt Cemetery


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French, Deborah (15)

d. 01/23/1852

 Not Listed

Husband was Israel French, daughter Ursula R. French

Not Listed

French, George S. (18)

d. 07/20/1856


Son of Daniel T. and Louisa L. French

Not Listed

French, Georgette (19)

d. 07/03/1868


Daughter of D.T. and L.L. French

Not Listed

French, Israel (14)

d. 10/10/1839


Wife was Deborah French, daughter Ursula R. French

Not Listed

French, Mabel (20)

d. 04/21/1832


Daughter of Samuel and Mary W. French

Not Listed

French, Polly (17)

d. 03/31/1845


Wife of Ebenezer French

Not Listed

French, Romanda (21)

d. 05/11/1834


Son of Samuel and Mary W. French

Not Listed

French, Ursula R. (15)



Daughter of Israel and Deborah French

Not Listed

Judkins, Abigail S. (6)

d. 01/15/1845

26 yrs.9m.

Daughter of George K. and Deborah


Sleep sister till Christ shall come and call thee from the silent tomb and then in glory you will sing with Christ the eternal king

Judkins, George R.(4)

b. 08/13/1842

d. 10/15/1882


Not Listed

Not Listed

Judkins, Josiah (2)

b. 1821

d. 11/15/1888


Mother was Mary Tucker

Not Listed

Judkins, Lewis C. (4)

b. 01/22/1852

d. 05/13/1889


Not Listed

Not Listed

Judkins, Mary (5)

d. 08/02/1849


Not Listed

Not Listed

Judkins, True T. (1)

b. 11/2/1814

d. 11/29/1880


Husband of Hannah S. Tilton

Co. G. 8th NH Vol.

Moulton, James S. (9)

d. 08/14/1848


Son of Charles L. and Mary A. Moulton

Not Listed

Stevens, Deborah (8)

b. 04/02/1791

d. 03/10/1866


Wife of George K. Stevens

Not Listed

Stevens, George K. (7)

b. 08/09/1786

d. 04/22/1863


Husband to Deborah Stevens

Not Listed

Taylor, Jona

d. 10/01/1846


Husband to Judith Taylor

Rev. War Soldier

Taylor, Judith (11)

d. 08/11/1826


Wife of Jona Taylor

Not Listed

Tilton, Hannah S. (1)

b. 10/11/1818

d. 04/18/1887


Wife of True T. Judkins

GAR Post 87

Unknown, (13)

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Small bland stone/foot marker

Unknown, (3)

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Stone blank

Wadleigh, Jona. (10)

d. 03/31/1832


Not Listed

Sacred to the memory of... Jona. Wadleigh Rev. War Soldier

Wallace, Snyder (22)

d. 11/16/1908

Not Listed

Not Listed

Buried here is.. killed in an automobile accident

Weeks, Dorothy (16)

d. 11/19/1868


Wife of Josiah Weeks

Not Listed

Notes :      

A grave outside the back boundary of this cemetery belongs to a dog.

Judkins/Hunt Cemetery is located at the corner of Hurricane and Union Roads in Belmont, NH. *Coming from the intersection of Main Street and Gilmanton Road (State Route 140 West) continue onto Church Street (2.7miles). At top of hill it turns into Hurricane Road. Follow Hurricane Road to end where it intersects with Union Road.* It is bordered by a stone wall, and is #6 on the map.

*The first person known to be buried here was Judith Taylor on August 11, 1826 and the last known person was Wallace Snyder on November 11, 1908. There are twenty-five (25) people buried here.*

*(4/06)Edited by Diane Marden to reflect current days directions.

Judkins Hunt Cemetery is #6 on the map.