Woodman Cemetery



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Bacon, Hannah P. (6)

b. 06/6/1807

d. 02/21/1892


Wife of  Andrew Woodman

Not Listed

Donovan, Daniel E. (7)

b. 10/26/1881

d. 05/28/1910


Son of Edward Donovan

Not Listed

Donovan, Edward (7)

d. 05/29/1893

Not Listed

Father of Daniel D. Donovan

Not Listed

Sayward, Ethelbert French (10)

b. 1871

d. 1942


Son of Joseph and Josephine Sayward

Not Listed

Sayward, Harry Wade (10)

b. 1869

d. 1947


Son of Joseph and Josephine Sayward

Not Listed

Sayward, Joseph (9)

b. 03/01/1836

d. 09/17/1878


Husband to Josephine I. Woodman Joseph was from Alfred, ME, he inherited his father-in-laws farm and died of paralysis.

Not Listed

Sayward, Mary Jane (10)

b. 1876

d. 1959


Not Listed

Not Listed

Unknown, (5)

None Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Double Stone

Unknown, (8)

None Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Small Stone with illegible inscription

Woodman, Andrew (6)

b. 05/18/1799

d. 03/9/1879


Husband to Hannah P. Bacon

Not Listed

Woodman, Cassandra A. (6)

d. 03/29/1900

Not Listed

Wife of John Langley

Not Listed

Woodman, Frances Adelaide (12)

d. 10/01/1845

15yrs., 4mo.

Daughter of Andrew & Hannah Woodman & sister to Josephine, he died in Manchester, NH

"Sleep on de'r sister take thy rest Thy heavenly father thinks it best In that bles't morn when you shall rise, we hope to meet you in the skies"

Woodman, George Andrew (4)

d. 06/23/1867


Son of Andrew Woodman and Hannah P. Bacon, husband of Hannah Tilton

Devoted husband & Father

Woodman, John P. (13)

d. 02/28/1850

25yrs., 9m., 13d.

Not Listed

"He died as every Christian dies, calm and serene as even while hopes bright star illumined his path to heaven."

Woodman, Josephine I. (9)

b. 04/18/1848

d. 11/12/1921


Wife of Joseph Sayward, daughter of Andrew and Hannah Woodman

Not Listed

Woodman, Mary (2)

d. 07/21/1847

78yrs., 10 mo.

Not given

Not given

Woodman, Orlando Vincent (11)

b. 12/12/1845

d. 07/20/1848

2yrs., 7m.

Son of Andrew and Hannah Woodman, Brother of Josephine

"Then up to him my child today He will my father be And when he takes your soul away Thou shalt his glory see"

Woodman, Walter Irving (3)

d. 05/16/1866


Son of George A and Hannah Woodman

"of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

 Notes :      

Woodman Cemetery is located on Hurricane Road in Belmont, NH. *Coming from the intersection of Main Street and Gilmanton Road (State Route 140 West) continue onto Church Street (2.5 miles). At top of hill it turns into Hurricane Road. Follow Hurricane Road near end on left.* From Union Road it is .5 miles on right. It is bordered by a stone wall, has no opening, and is #7 on the map.

*(edited)5/2007 by Diane Marden to reflect current days directions.

There are two stones broken into pieces.

One small white stone marked A.W.  and two small stones that were unreadable.

There is an American Flag at the stone of Daniel Donovan suggesting he was a veteran or died in a war.

Woodman Cemetery is #7 on the map.

There are eighteen (18) people buried here.*