1905 Diary Of Elizabeth "Lizzie" A. Morrill Young
Family Background Information: 
Lizzie A. Young was born on July 14,1858 in Gilmanton, NH as Elizabeth A. Morrill. Lizzie's first husband was a Dr. Harry Lincoln, they were married in 1879, and he died in 1885. Unfortunately, not much is known about her first marriage by this author. She married her second husband, Joseph S. Young on August 20, 1889. Joseph was a lumberman from Poland, ME, he was 35 at the time of their marriage, and Lizzie was 31. They had a child Caroline Young who was born in 1892. Joseph S. Young's parents and Caroline's grand-parents were Emerson Young of Scotland and Caroline Small of Nashua, NH.

Lizzie's homestead was located on Jamestown Road in Belmont, NH.  The family homestead was originally the homestead of Benjamin James who sold it to Jonathan Barker in 1804. Lizzie's great-grandfather Levi Morrill purchased the property from Barker in November 1808.  Levi Morrill's wife's name was Elizabeth, he died November 3, 1835, she died on April 6, 1851, and both are burried at the Jamestown Road Cemetery

In 1834, the property was then at the hands of Benjamin P. Morrill, Lizzie's grandfather who was born Octobert 11, 1793 in Northfield, NH. Benjamin was  married to Abigail Robinson born January 23, 1797 in Gilmanton, NH. 

They had four children: The first born was Lizzie's father, Josiah Robinson Morrill born January 18, 1820 in Gilmanton, NH, he married Felinda Weeks born March 5, 1815 in Gilmanton, NH. Both died in Belmont, NH, Josiah died on March 18, 1898, Filinda on March 27, 1895, and both are burried at the Jamestown Road Cemetery. They had three children together all of whom were born and raised in the homestead property on Jamestown Road they were as follows: Elizabeth, William born approximately 1859, and Marry Morrill Copp born approximately 1845, she married Fredrick Elton Copp on June 6, 1878. Frederick and Mary raised Lizzie's daughter Caroline born on October 9, 1892,  in the family homestead after Lizzie's death. Caroline was approximately 13 years old at the time of her mothers death. Frederick  died September 9, 1910, and Mary died June 20, 1927. Caroline died on April 28, 1952 and never married.  She is burried at the South Road Cemetery in Belmont, NH along with her mother and father.
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The second born child of Benjamin & Abigail Morrill was a daughter, Charlotte S. Morrill-Ireson born November 24, 1928 she married Jeremiah B. Ireson, she died February 3, 1911, and she is burried at the Jamestown Road Cemetery.

The third born to Benjamin & Abigail Morrill was Levi Woodbury Morrill born March 1, 1834 who married Elizabeth born May 2, 1883. Levi died June 27, 1887 (GAR), and Elizabeth September 27,1842 both are burried in the Jamestown Road Cemetery.

Benjamin P. Morrill died on January 15, 1867 and Abigail Robinson Morrill on January 24, 1884. Both died in Belmont, NH, and are burried in the Jamestown Road Cemetery.

Shortly after the death of Frederick and Mary Morrill-Copp the homestead became the property of Fred Currier this occurred in approximately 1927. Mr. Currier sold the property to a Mr. Wellsman in 1939. Today the property is owned by Jack and Betty Butler who purchased the home in the 1970's.

The 1905 Diary of Elizabeth A. Morril Young (a.k.a "Lizzie") last diary entry was written six days before her death. Lizzie died on December 26, 1905. This diary speaks of everyday life in 1905, hardships, weather conditions, fires, sixknesses, and the absence of technology such as it is today. Enjoy taking a trip back in time in Belmont, NH through the eyes of Lizzie.

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