1905 Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" Morrill Young's Diary

Sunday, January 1, 1905 (38-42-39 temps)
I wrote letters till the new year came in as Carol was at the other house with Carrie, Harvey, Charlie Ring, Frank and Angie who watched the old year out. Carol went to May's toward nigh Mr. J. went down with her to see Fred who is better. I wrote for the Critic, read the new Ladies Home Journal, and wrote some in the evening. No one in but Angie.
Monday, January 2, 1905 (34-38-36)
Cloudy and misty. Mr. Judkin's went to the creamery in the morning and to East Tilton with a load of wood in the afternoon. Amy came up a little while. I learned some and wrote on an essay "Taking on Account of Stock" for tomorrow evening.
Tuesday, January 3, (34)
Snow storm. I wrote on my essay copying it in the forenoon. Got it done just at dinner time. Mr. J. went down to Fred's. They are comfortable. Carol came up from school on the possibility of its clearing off so we could go to the instillation of officers at the Grange, but it snowed so we did not go. Quite a blizzard.
Wednesday, January 4, (30)
Still snowing Mr. J. thought perhaps there would be no school and Carol did not go out. Except once to Angie's. We worked on sewing. Carol finished hemming a skirt for me. I finished her blanket wrapper and we worked on other sewing. Nearly finished a dressing sack which Maude got me. Mr. Plummer went to the creamery and got through all right but it was pretty tough he said. No train went into Belmont for today.
Thursday, January 5, (10)
Cold and blustering snowing a little in the morning. Mr. J. did not feel well and as Carol had already been out of school I did not insist on her going as we did not know how the roads were. Mr. J. went down to Fred's. Asa came up said they were not going to break the roads till the roller got round. I basted a lining into a log cabin quilt which Mary made for me years ago, and got it finished. Did some other sewing together in the evening. Maud and Phil Poland and Mr. & Mrs. Waddell came. They walked from East Tilton as we did not get the mail yesterday and there was trouble with the telephone wires. The girls stopped at Foster's and Mr. J. went over after them. I got them supper and made them comfortable. Maud and Phil slept at Angie's. Cleared off cold at night so it was 5 below zero.
Friday, January 6, (12)
Snowed a little in the morning and quite hard in the afternoon. We had a late breakfast as the folks were tired after their walk. Mr. J. went to East Tilton after their trunk. Asa went to the creamery. The Roller came in with 6 horses to break the road. Charlie Richards, Harry Foster, and another man. Frank and Waddell went out and got a rabbit. Mr. J. and Phil drove down
when they came from East Tilton to May's. She thought there wasn't any school but we heard afterwards that there was every day. Carrie did not go for the three days.
Saturday, January 7, (34)
Rain. Input the binding on my quilt. Maud and Mammie cooked a boiled dinner cabbage etc. and we had beans for supper. Made pies and doughnuts. Cleared off cold at night making it icy. The boys made fishing tackle. Grover called (mean stopped by) in the evening.
Sunday, January 8, (10)
Cold and fair. Mrs. Waddell took a snap shot of the rest of us. Carol went down to May's after her sled and got the Sunday papers. Mr. J. got the mail when he went out with the milk. Scott brought it up. Grew cold and windy toward night. Carol went down to May's to stay all night. Mr. J. and Phil went with her. Waddell went with Grover and Frank out in the woods, but got back in time for chicken pie dinner. Sent some down to Fred when Carol went.
Monday, January 9, (12-42-20)
Fair and sunny. Mammie and Maud went to Laconia on the train from East Tilton walked over. Mr. J. went went after them. Asa butchered Mr. J.'s hogs. The rest helped him. Mr. W. went to Asa's after one of them while Mr. J. was milking. They cut and drew up some wood. I wrote my newspaper letters in the evening.
Tuesday, January 10, (22-40-20)
Pleasant. Mr. J. went to the creamery. Mr. W. with him. In the afternoon. Maud and Mammie went to Tilton with Mr. J. when he carried one of the hogs to sell. They called (meaning stopped by) to see May and Fred while he was loading at Asa's. Ed and Phil got in the wood and did the barn work.
Wednesday, January 11, (15-38-15)
Cloudy. Angie and Alice were in the fore noon. Maud and Mammie went over there and sewed on her machine, cutting and making Phil's pajamas. I had a nap in the afternoon. Made biscuits for supper. Wrote and knit on wristers for Phil in the evening.
Thursday, January 12, (28)
Cloudy and sleet. I sewed some. Maude and Mammie helped do the work. Mr. Waddell and Frank went to East Tilton after bait to go fishing tomorrow. Mr. W. and Grover went to Laconia. I finished talking a log cabin quilt.
Friday, January 13, (20-42-10 at 5 o'clock -0 at 9 o'clock)
Cloudy cleared off nice toward night. Mr. Judkin's went to East Tilton to draw coal for Charlie Durgin. Phil took care of the barn work got in wood too. Mr. Waddell and Frank went fishing. They came home with about 3 he and Mrs. W. went to Laconia on the 4 o'clock train to be gone over night.
Saturday, January 14, (6-42-0)
Pleasant but cold. Carol came up in the morning. She and Maud did the work in the forenoon. In the afternoon Mr. J., Maude, and Phil went to Laconia. Mrs. W. had phoned that they were not coming back till Sunday. Carol & I washed the floor. Washed some and did up the rest of the work. She hemmed my dressing sack I made button holes in Phil's pajamas.
Sunday, January 15,
Fair and cold. The coldest day we have had 8 below zero here at sunrise. -14 at Plummer's and -18 at Fred Currier's. Carol went to Plummer's to order the Sunday papers and to see how May and Fred were. She went again after the papers to the Hill's. Carrie came with a message from Mammie and Maud went with Mr. J. to Laconia about 4 o'clock. Carol went back with Carrie to the phone. Fred Currier came after a saw. Mr. Waddell and Jack Dyer drove down from Laconia in the evening. This at 11.
Monday, January 16, (10-32-10)
Pleasant. Mr. J. started for the creamery. Carol went to school. Mr. and Mrs. Waddell came from Laconia just after Mr. J. came.
Tuesday, January 17, (20-24-18)
Pleasant and warmer. Snow squall in forenoon. I did some fancy stitching on my red flannel waist with black silk. Went down to May's in the afternoon first time in 3 weeks. Mr. J. went to East Tilton with a load of wood in forenoon and afternoon.
Wednesday, January 18, (20)
Pleasant after 8 o'clock squally in the morning. Mr. J. and Frank worked in the forenoon at East Tilton. Maud and Mammie went to May's and to Laconia and then over to East Tilton. Carol came up from school. They all went to Mr. Foster's in the evening. I tried out some lard did some cooking and other house work. Mr. W. and Phil cut wood. Mr. J. drew up some. Had paper about the burning of the Washington Street Baptist Church in Lynn.
Thursday, January 19, (32-48-38)
Dark and cloudy and windy most of the have cleared off nice. It thawed some but the wind was chilly. I repaired a coat, finished trimming my red flannel waist with friar stitch and French knobs in black silk. Phil went to Laconia. Maud and Mammie did the work. Mr. J. had a cold and Ed and the girls took care of this barn all but the milking. Little Ned Blanchard died this morning. Carol came up again at night.
Friday, January 20- (20-10)
Pleasant. Mr. J. carried the men over to the cove fishing. Maud and Mammie went with them for a ride. Carrie came up and said Neddie Blanchard was to be buried at 10 o'clock but it was too late for me to go then. Maud and Mammie carried me to the station to go to Meredith. 8 or 10 got on at East Tilton and 16 more at Winnisquam. Teams carried us to the hall had oysters for dinner. Had a large company to the Grange meeting. Mrs. Gilman read my paper. " Taking an account of Stock". Had a good meeting in eve. I stopped at Aaron Clough's got to bed at 2. Mr. J. carried the Poland's & W. to Tilton to a game of basketball.
Saturday, January 21, (10)
Snow squally but quite pleasant most of the day. Had a nice visit with Mrs. Clough. Crissa Knowles and Maud Bryant in the forenoon. Mr. Clough brought me to the station. Mrs. Gilman came on the train with me. Mr. J. met me at East Tilton. Carol had come home about half past 10. The girls had dinner ready. I did not have to do anything till supper time when I made some biscuits and doughnuts.
Sunday, January 22, (20)
Snow storm. Mr. J. went to creamery. They were all going with him and going to Dana Maxfield's if it had not stormed so. Mr. Waddell went over to Hill's and got the Sunday papers which Mr. J. had ordered of Scott. Maud and Mammie cooked cabbage too. I wrote some. Riots Strikes & A Resolution in Russia".
Monday, January 23, (10-40-2)
Pleasant. Carol went to school. Mr. J. carried the crowd to East Tilton and then he went to Tilton with grain. Mr. and Mrs. Waddell went to Lynnfield, Mass. Maude and Phil to Hill's. I worked on house work most of the afternoon and wrote newspaper letters in the evening.
Tuesday, January 24,
7 above at night. Coldest day of the season. 10 below zero here. 22 below at the Village. Jimmie went with the milk. Bell (the horse) was covered with white frost. I worked on a dress skirt for Maud and did some cross stitch on a piece of gingham for a shirt waist. Arthur Cross buried at Concord. Georgia went from the Village.
Wednesday, January 25, (7-20-12)
Snow storm not a very deep snow but a howling wind and blizzard. Orrin came up in the forenoon. Charles Durgin had telephoned for Mr. J. to come over and draw some coal, but it was too stormy. Frank came in the evening. Carol went to school from May's. I wrote to Mammie Waddell as I had to send her letter of hustle.
Thursday, January 26, (0-20-4)
Mr. J. went to East Tilton and drew some coal. I finished the bottom of Maude's dress skirt, cooked cabbage etc. Wrote in the evening. Had paper with account of the blizzard. In New York the heaviest since 1888 and around Boston worst since Nov. 1898. Asa went with the milk. Had a note from Carol. She did not go to school this morning. Angie went to Asa's with Mr. J. when he went to East Tilton.
Friday, January 27, (10-30-16)
Cloudy most of the day. Cleared off fair at night. Mr. J. went out and shoveled awhile in the drifts. He went down to see Fred. Frank Prescott, Fred's nephew is there. Carol had gone to school. Carrie came in a few minutes. Angie and Alice were in after they came home in the afternoon. Frank called in the evening. I wrote letters in the afternoon and evening.
Saturday, January 28, (18)
Pleasant. Carol came up with Mr. J. on the creamery team. Then she went with him to Tilton after Maude and Phil. It snow squalled a little before they went. Carrie came up and stayed all night with Carol. They stayed over to Angie's and played games till quite late.
Sunday, January 29, (12-50-12)
Pleasant. Mr. J. went down after the papers. Asa brought Fred up to ride the first time he has been away from the buildings since the first of November. I had some report letters to finish up so had to write in the afternoon and evening.
Monday, January 30,
6 below zero. Went up to 24 and down to 10. Carol went to school. Mr. J., Phil, and Maud to Laconia. Fred Currier drove up with Elnora. Mrs. Foster came in the afternoon. Had a letter from Orange Judd Co. with 60ct's. for article.  "When Eggs are Scarce" which I sent in November. Carol came up and stayed all night.
Tuesday, January 31, (8-40-8)
Pleasant. Maud and Phil went back to Lynn. Mr. J. carried them to Tilton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gardner and Mrs. Lewis called (meaning stopped by). I wrote newspaper letters, one to Emma etc. Carol went to May's at night.
Wednesday, February 1, (1below-50-14)
Pleasant. It did not thaw any in the front of the door though the sun shown on the thermometer. I finished hem stitching and putting the lace on a handkerchief and finished some cuffs and did some mending. Wrote in the evening.
Thursday, February 2, (4above-28-10)
Fair. I did some sewing on Mr. Judkin's quilt and got the larger pieces about all cut. Mended some stockings and copied an essay which I had at Meredith to go to Mr. Mason of Worcester Co. man. Wrote in the evening.
Friday, February 3, (4below-28-4above)
Mr. J. went to the creamery but came home without the milk. The main water pipe was frozen so they could not get water for the boiler in the separator. Had a letter from Maud. They got there all right. Had a package of pictures too. School closed but it was too cold for me to go away from the house. Jimmie brought the milk at night. Mr. J. went out after it. I worked on his quilt and other sewing. Wrote in the evening. Six visitors in school.
Saturday, February 4- (4below-38-8above)
Fair. I did up the work in the afternoon but the pantry is still too cold to do anything out there. Carol came up in the afternoon. Worked on some hem stitching and took it home to work on and some towels. She is going to hem for Mr. J. She went back down to May's before dark. I finished a paper and a letter for Mrs. Berry of Barnstead in the evening. Frank called (meaning stopped by) me at half past 11. Angie was sick I stayed in there till 1. Orrin came up with word the Dr. couldn't come.
Sunday, February 5, (0-50-14-12)
Pleasant. Thawed some around the door and the thermometer went up to 50 when the sun shown on it. 14 when Carol went away at sunset. I was tired of course but did up the work. Eva and Carrie came up. Eva was down from Laconia where she is at work. Carol came up with the paper for Mr. J. She stayed in with Angie awhile. While Frank went down to his mothers. Dr. Beckford says Angie is grippy toward night. Carol went back down to May's. I wrote to Mrs. Foss of Barnstead. Carol took the letters for Helen to carry in the morning. They will have no vacation now on account of the break for scarlet fever. I wrote some in the evening. 12 above at bedtime.
Monday, February 6, (12-22-20)
Snow storm another Northeast blizzard. Frank says Angie don't sit up her head troubled her. I feel mean as always do in such a storm. Worked on a white Germantown throat and lung protector to wear with a coat. Mended mittens. Mr. J. went out in the afternoon to see how the road is he went to Fred's. I wrote letters in the evening to send in the morning.
Tuesday, February 7, (24-22-10)
Pleasant. Mr. J. went to the creamery. The thing was froze up again. He went out in the afternoon but did not hear anything about the milk. Got a can at Fred's to use. Carol went with him to the creamery and got her some shoes at Mrs. Hart's. She did not come home. I sent down some more sewing. Fred is better. Snow blew in the evening. I stitched on Mr. J.'s quilt.
Wednesday, February 8, (6-48-10)
Pleasant. Snow did not thaw any around the door. I did not feel very well as I coughed more than usual in the morning but got enough for Mr. J. to eat and hemmed some. Finished a black skirt for Carol which she has outgrown for a dress skirt before I got it done. Went in to see Angie who is better. Walked to the barn in the path several times to get out doors in the air. Wrote in the evening.
Thursday, February 9, (16-30-24)
Snow storm. Warmer so I could do a little work in the pantry. Made biscuits
and apple pie. Sewed some on skirts for Carol and on cross stitching an apron
which May gave me for Christmas, blue and white checkered gingham. Sent some work down to Carol by Frank. Crochet work and sewing. The roller came in over the roads with the horses. Harvey, Ed Blaisdell and another man. K.D. (Kings & Daughters) day but stormed so no one could go. Wrote to Mr. L.W. Judkin's in the evening. (Mrs. A.J. Young's birthday 62)
Friday, February 10, (24-38-10)
Pleasant but rather a chilly wind. Mr. J. went to East Tilton in afternoon with a load of wood. Mrs. A.J. Young and Mrs. Rickert called (meaning stopped by). Had a nice visit. They had a fine K.D. (Kings & Daughters) meeting yesterday after all. Six members presented, one new one joined. It was Mrs. Y's birthday (62) so she served lunch to 11. They brought me some of it. Mr. J. brought news of Mr. Waddell's scrape Wed. at Lynnfield with Mammie's father and mother. Knocked them down and cleared out. I wrote to Maud in the evening.
Saturday, February 11, (10-40-16)
Pleasant. The nicest day for a long time. Though it was cold and windy and snow blistering in the morning. Mr. J. went to the creamery. Carol came up with him to stay a few days as Frank Prescott had come back. Mr. J. went to East Tilton. We washed the floor, made pies, biscuits, and doughnuts. We finished off a little sewing. Carol finished hem stitching the towels. I did some mending. She stayed in with Angie awhile in the evening.
Sunday, February 12, (10-30-16)
Pleasant. Carol went to the Hill's to get the Herald and went to Aunt May's. Fred is getting along well. We wrote some letters and sent Aunt H., Aunt S. & Sarah Parsons some pictures from Brown of Beverly. Head of Christ cherubs too and Rintha a booklet for Valentines.
Monday, February 13, (22-32-11)
Snow storm. Cleared off a little, and then snowed very fast in the afternoon. Cleared off cold at night. I finished the lining on Mr. J.'s quilt made a needle book and worked on a throat and lung protector of White Germantown to wear with a jacket and it looks like a sweater. Carol did the housework. I was about used up in the evening but took some medicine and went to bed warm and slept all night.
Tuesday, February 14,
Fair and cold. 3 below zero. 21 above at 10 o'clock with the sun on the thermometer. Frank helped Mr. J. in the woods. I mended a coat. Carol helped do the work.
Wednesday, February 15,
5 above-50 in sunshine thawed some. Cloudy in the afternoon 12 above at night. Mr. J. went to the creamery. Got a lot of papers and a letter from Maud, a letter from Emma all with the Waddell's business. Carol went with Mr. J. into the woods to help take care of the horse and helped me do the work.
Thursday, February 16, (63-38-9)
Frank worked here. Orrin came up in the morning. Durgin wanted Mr. J. to draw coal but he did not go as he wanted to work with Frank. Carol helped me about the work. I had to do some cooking. She and Angie did the washing over there put both together. Mrs. Whicher, Mrs. Johnson and Effie came in the afternoon and brought me melons, food, jelly, and cream of wheat. They had been to May's before they came here and brought the mail. There was a letter from Maud. Mammie wasn't in Ed's scrape at all. They said Asa was sick so Frank went down but Prescott had done the farm work. Had a letter from Eunice Woodbury. Wrote to Maud in the evening.
Friday, February 17, (12-32-26)
Cloudy. Will McKensie came after Angie to take care of Fannie who has a touch of pneumonia. It was windy and disagreeable. The wind blew in the cracks in the doors and every where possible. Mr. and Mrs. Plummer called (meaning stopped by) for some reading and brought back some in the afternoon. I was so sleepy and stupid and grippy that Carol bundled me up on the lounge with shawls and hot soap stones and I stayed there till most supper time. Frank came up after some things for Alice and brought a paper. Asa and Fannie are comfortably sick. Dr. coming again Sunday.
Saturday, February 18, (14-40-6)
Pleasant out a high wind and the snow blowing. Thawed rooms. Carol helped do the morning work. I helped her a little about dinner. She and Mr. J. went after a load of wood. I had another stupid spell in the afternoon but sewed awhile. Bayside Mill burned at Lakeport 200 thrown out of employment.
Sunday, February 19, (4below-40-5above)
Pleasant thawed some but a disagreeable wind. Mr. J. went to the creamery brought the mail from May's. Had a letter from Mabel Rollins. It has been 38 below zero there at Preston, Minn. Mr. J. and Carol went down to May's. We studied our Sunday School lesson. I made a booklet of Bible verses for Carol and one with Cardinal Newman's hymn for May. Mabel sent some of the snapshots she took last summer. We wrote some in the evening.
Monday, February 20, (41-30)
Just zero in the morning. Cloudy and chilly wind. Mr. J. had to go to the Village to do errands so Carol went with him. I wrote some verses for Mrs. Young's little surprise they are planning for the next K.D. (Kings & Daughters) meeting as they did not know it was her birthday February 9. Wrote Dem. and Journal Trans letter and wrote to Ada Hudson send the report. The verses for Mr. Yunhich I had copied. Carol wrote to Effie Johnson thanking her for an invitation to a party which she did not get in time but she could not have gone.
Tuesday, February 21, (30)
The nicest day of the year 65 in the sun. Warm and sunny. Mr. J. went out with the milk in the morning. Henry Dodge who is at Jimmie's went to the creamery. Mr. J. worked in the woods. Frank helped in the afternoon. Thawed around the house. I did cooking and sewed a little.
Wednesday, February 22, (10)
Cloudy 10 degrees went up to 22 about 8 o'clock and down to 16 soon after. 18 at night. Carol and I both grippy but did the work together and finished several bits of sewing. Finished a letter to Aunt Hannah and Auntie Ireson and wrote Emma Hunter in the evening. Frank helped Mr. J.
Thursday, February 23, (10-60-21)
Pleasant. Mr. J. went to the creamery. Had letters from Mrs. Thurber and Maud. I had to lie down awhile and Carol did up the work. Then I did some cooking for supper. Wrote a little article for the N.S. Farmer "Spanking From A Three Year Old's Standpoint" in the evening. Frank helped Mr. J. in the afternoon K.D. (Kings & Daughters) meeting at Mrs. Hudson's.
Friday, February 24, (18-68-21)
Pleasant. Frank and Mr. J. worked in the woods. Mr. J. got up one load of wood he came home sick from the woods at night. Frank did up the barn work. Carol fed calf too. I finished a letter to Maud in the evening. Began to work on the green and white coach cushion. Carol went to May's about 11 stayed up till 4. Dana and Annie Maxfield were there and Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Young called (meaning stopped by) Mrs. Eliza Dow "Grandma Dow" is dead she was 97 last August. Mrs. Young was pleased with her present and verses yesterday.
Saturday, February 25, (18-60-18)
Pleasant. Jimmie Hill went with the milk. (Georgia came with him when he came home) to the creamery. Carol fed the horse and got stopped after Frank but met him coming he milked and drove out with the milk. Mr. J. dressed and sat up some but did not go out doors. Frank worked here sawing wood. Carrie came up in the afternoon. Carol helped me do the work and went down to her Aunt May's in the afternoon. Charlie Ring called (meaning stopped by) in the evening.
Sunday, February 26, (10-48-14)
Pleasant but quite a cold wind. Carol went down to May's. Scott and Flossie Plummer drove up came in. Ring was here in the morning. Mrs. Foster came and made a nice call in the after noon. I wrote Eunice Woodbury in the evening.
Monday, February 27, (8-40-12)
Fair and cold. Frank went to the creamery brought back word that they are not going to separate any more at present at the Village. As Mr. J. and I were both sick with grip only we were up round it made girls a lot of work to get ready to take care of milk. Frank milked. I wrote to Mrs. Thurber and the newspaper letters in the evening.
Tuesday, February 28, (10-40-12)
Cloudy looked like storm snowed a little toward night cleared off. Carol went down to the mail box. Mr. Adam's called (meaning stopped by) in to see Mrs. Adam's and went to her Aunt May's she helped do the work. I got up half past 4 and built a fire as Mr. J. had got a little more cold. Had a nap in the forenoon and went to bed early. Did not do very much work.
Wednesday, March 1, (10-40-12)
Fair cold. I was most used up with a sleepy gripp. Worked awhile and had to lie down forenoon and afternoon. Frank milked in the morning but he did not feel very well and Alice was sick in the night. Mr. J. watered the cows and milked at night. Carol went to May's in the afternoon. Dr. Beckford came to see Alice at night.
Thursday, March 2, (12-50-20)
Pleasant. Mr. J. did the milking. Carol helped him about the work and did most of the work in the house. I helped her what I could. I did not go to sleep during the day and did some machine work. Worked on Mr. J.'s quilt. Frank brought up some papers in the evening Asa Twombly was here in the morning. Alice is better.
Friday, March 3, (10-50-30)
Pleasant. I worked pretty well in the forenoon worked on Mr. J.'s quilt but had to give up in the afternoon. Carol went to May's to dinner and stayed till 4 o'clock brought some mail and Frank brought the Democrat & other papers at night. So we are pretty well provided for the mail after all. Dr. Beckford came to see Alice again. Carrie and Mrs. Blanchard came up in the afternoon. Carrie and Carol were over with Angie in the evening.
Saturday, March 4, (24-60-12)
Pleasant. Pres. Rosenvelt inaugurated at Washington. Col. and Mr. E.C. Bean went from Belmont. Mr. Judkin's went to Tilton and I rode to May's and stayed till he came back. It grew cold and windy before night but I was wrapped up so I did not feel cold. Carol had fires and helped him do the barn work. We went to bed early did not try to write or read. Mrs. Plummer
brought the mail and Fannie came into May's.  E.C. Bean (residence)
Sunday, March 5, (8-40-20)
A little hazy but not quite cloudy. Carol went to May's and Fannie's and down to Fred Currier's to take a package which had come by mail for Helen and was left at May's. She stayed till dinner and had a nice visit. Brought the Sunday Herald from May's. Orrin was here an hour or two. I wrote a little but did not lie down and got to tired as I did not feel so well at night. Went to bed early. Jimmie came after some sour milk for his pigs we had left last week.
Monday, March 6, (12-40-11)
Fair but a cold wind. Mr. J. went to draw some coal for Charles Durgin got home about 2. I helped take care of the milk and got a boiled dinner on cooking and lay down two hours. Carol did the rest of the work. After dinner 3 o'clock she went down to May's with the milk which she has every day. I worked again till the milk etc. was taken care of. Had papers with the account of the brilliant inaugural of Pre's. Roosevelt the dresses of the ladies.
Tuesday, March 7, (6-38-26)
Pleasant but cold as usual. Mrs. Foster came up in the forenoon had a nice call (meaning stopped by). Carol went down to May's with the milk. Grange night and in but of course we were not well enough to go.
Wednesday, March 8, (26-36-32)
Cloudy some misty. We churned in the afternoon. Carrie came up with Carol when she came home from May's. She carried down the milk. Carol bought Carrie's pretty blue skirt she had out grown which is just right for her. Already made.
Thursday, March 9, (20-60-30)
Pleasant windy towards night and cloudy. Mr. J. went to East Tilton with a load of wood. Carol rode over with him. She went away about 9 o'clock. Mrs. Foster came and worked over the butter had five pounds. Carol went to Mrs. Johnson's to the King Daughter meeting and walked back. Angie came in and washed the dishes for me. Mr. J. went out through the road to George Smith's place. Had to shovel some.
Friday, March 10, (30-70-21)
Just a bit of snow in the night. Cleared off in the morning. Cloudy toward night. Carol did up the morning work. She and Mr. J. went to Laconia and Lakeport. They called (meaning stopped by) Alvin Abbot's. Mr. J.'s cousin brought me home a nice lot of fancy cakes, bananas etc. and Carrie brought a box from Mrs. Young and Mrs. Whicher. Every body is so good and all are trying to help me get well.
Saturday, March 11, (16-20-40-18)
Pleasant. Carol did the morning work. Went to Aunt May's and got the mail. I worked in the forenoon and toward night. Mr. J. was not well and we both had to give up and lie down after dinner. Mrs. Foster came up toward night. Carrie came with Carol.
Sunday, March 12, (10-60-20)
Pleasant. A March wind quite chilly. Mr. J. and I went visiting. He went to see Fred and Asa and I had a nice visit. The ride did me good. Carol had dinner ready and the room warm when we came back. May got Mr. J.'s Herald. Carol went down and stayed all night with Carrie. They went to Twombly's to hear the phonograph. Carrie and Amy came up in the morning. Amy works at Laconia.
Monday, March 13, (6 above-50-20)
Pleasant. Mr. Judkin's went to Laconia with a load of wood. Carol went to May's in the morning then she went out with Mr. J. through the woods to see that he got through the pastures all right. Angie went with May's milk and Carol took care of Alice. Carrie came up a little while, and Mrs. Blanchard came to see how we ere. I went out doors to the barn and to Angie's two or three times.
Tuesday, March 14, (8 above-60-17)
Pleasant. Town Meeting. Carol went with Mr. J. to Lyford's and with Grace to school in Miss Kimball's room. Had a fine time. Angie took care of the farm at noon. I had a nap in the afternoon. Frank came in the evening to talk over Town Meeting business.
Wednesday, March 15, (8 above-60-22)
Pleasant windy. Carrie came up in the forenoon. Carol went to May's with the milk. Mr. J. churned in the evening. I wrote to Mrs. Ayers, mended some mittens etc.
Thursday, March 16, (16-60-28)
Pleasant. Mrs. Foster came up and worked over the butter. Carol helped do the morning work. She and Carrie went sliding awhile. Frank Prescott brought Fred out to ride and they got milk so Carol didn't have to go down. Frank worked here in the afternoon.
Friday, March 17, (16-70-30)
Pleasant. Georgia came up in the morning. Frank Hunkin's and his wife called (meaning stopped by) to see us. Had both had the gripp themselves or they would have been down sooner had a nice call. Vonia brought honey oranges, a piece of birthday cake from Pearl where her birthday was yesterday (21), and jelly with a nice letter from Hattie. Mr. J. and Frank went to Tilton. Angie and Carol watered the cows. It was late when they came home. Carol went to May's and came home when they did.
Saturday, March 18, (18-50-30)
Frank worked here in the forenoon. He and Mr. J. went to School Meeting. Fred Currier was re-elected. Freddie Currier came up with a note for us to go but of course I couldn't. Carol kept house for May to go with the Currier's. Fred went to ride as he does every day nearly now. Angie and Carol washed the floor and I stayed in with Alice in the forenoon. Angie helped me awhile in the afternoon.
Sunday, March 19, (40-50-32)
Cloudy and damp. Mr. J. and Carol went down to May's in the afternoon. May gave her two pullets which Mr. J. brought home. I wrote a letter but not much.
Monday, March 20, (32-40-28)
Snow storm in the forenoon. Mr. J. went to Tilton in the afternoon. Carol stayed at May's till he got back. Angie and Alice were here a part of the time. I wrote to Heather Colby or finished a letter begun Sat. and sent by him. Wrote to Maud and the Dem. and Journal Trans. letters in the evening.
Tuesday, March 21, (26, 40, 28)
Cloudy windy at night. Carol went down to May's with the milk. Guy was there when she came up after dinner. Carrie came and said her mother was coming up and could work over the butter if we could churn. I got it ready and Mr. J. churned. It was half past 1 when the girls spoke about it, and half past 2 we had the butter ready to work over. I couldn't do much but decorate Carol's plaid waist with black bow knots.
Wednesday, March 22, (24-60-32)
Several inches of snow so paths have to be shoveled. Mr. Judkin's and Carol went to Tilton. Carrie came up to Angie's. They were in here a little while. I stitched quite a little on the machine on Mr. J's quilt. Sorted out some papers and piled them in place.
Thursday, March 23, (29-60-36)
Very pleasant and warm and good sleighing for the time of year as they had used the roller in the winter and this last snow some thought came on purpose for the Kings and Daughter meeting. Guy brought May and Georgia. May hadn't been here since the first of November. Charlie Smith brought Willie and Mrs. Spaulding, LeRoy Rowen, his wife and Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. A.J. Young, Mrs. Whicher, Mrs. Mann, Carol and I made 11 members besides Carrie, Angie, and Alice. They had a very nice meeting and brought me some more medicine, Eskay's food etc. Angie swept the carpet and the bedroom and Carol did up the other work and went with Mr. J. after a load of wood.
Friday, March 24, (36-38-30)
Cloudy and damp. Carol and Angie did up the morning work. Carol went with Mr. J. after one load of wood and then sliding on a crust with Carrie and Guy. I cut two underwaists and three aprons for Carol.
Saturday, March 25, (36-40-36)
Rain most of the day. A pouring rain such as we have not had for a long time 28 was much needed. Mr. J. has drawn water from the lower well for the cows all winter about 15 pails full a day. He won't have to do that anymore. Guy came up with the mail and some maple syrup from May's he stayed till it did not rain quite so hard. I basted Carol's waists. She did house work and some mending. I wrote a little in the evening.
Sunday, March 26, (32-70-30)
Pleasant. Guy brought up the Herald and took the milk when he came back. Addie Hall has a baby girl born this morning. Carrie came up in the afternoon Carol went back with her and Mrs. Foster telephoned to Truman Gilman to see how Kate is. She has had erysipelas badly but is better, and the swelling has gone down. I wrote to Mrs. Berry.
Monday, March 27, (36-46-40)
Rain in the forenoon. Cleared off before noon but was still damp and misty. There was a Pomona Grange meeting the quarterly at Laconia of course I could not go and it did not seem prudent for Mr. J. and Carol to go. Mr. J. worked in the woods in the afternoon. The sun showed out part of the time. I wrote Decocrat and J.T. letters and to Kate Gilman.
Tuesday, March 28, (32-60-49)
Pleasant. Carol took the letters to the mail box and went to Fred Currier's Sap Camp. Churned in the afternoon. I got the cream ready for Mr. J. did the churning and Mrs. Foster came and worked over the butter. Carrie and Guy came up they had a good time playing in the barn after Carol got her dishes and other work done Mrs. Blanchard came in a few minutes.
Wednesday, March 29, (40-90-44)
Thunder shower in the morning about 2 o'clock. Cleared off before sunrise. Guy came after the milk. Carol had a toothache and went to sleep in the afternoon. Guy went to Belmont and came up with the mail toward night. Said Carrie wanted her to go down there as Zilla Tilton was there so she went for an hour had a letter from Maud and one from Anna Petter. Mammie goes to Philadelphia tomorrow. Phil goes away Monday. Warmest day. Had doors open like summer.
Thursday, March 30, (32-80-30)
Pleasant. Quite a  lot of dry ground around the house. Green grass and myrtle beginning to start up near the door. Guy came up in the morning and got milk. May came up and stayed an hour or more the first time she had been here to stop except last week to the K.D. (Kings & Daughters) meeting since last October. Mr. J. drew out the last of his wood forenoon, and went to Laconia in the afternoon. Carol went with him for the first wagon ride, and guy went with them to go home to Lakeport. Angie came in and washed the dishes. I had a good nap and worked some on sewing and cutting work. Carol went with Maud and Amy to see Abbie in the Central Telephone Office.
Friday, March 31, (32-60-40)
Pleasant. Mr. J. went to Fred's and carried the milk and some things he had got for them at Laconia. I had a sick headache and laid down. Carol got dinner. I sewed in the afternoon.
Saturday, April 1, (28-40-30)
Fair but very chilly wind. I was faint in  the morning but got so I worked later in the day. Finished and underwaist for Carol. She went down to May's and brought the mail. I had a letter from Vonia Hunkins.
Sunday, April 2, (20-50-28)
Fair and windy again. May came up and was here to dinner. Eva and Carrie Foster, Agner Chase where Eva works called (meaning stopped by) in the afternoon. Carol went to May's when they went back. Brought up the Herald and the milk can, which May carried home. I finished a letter to Fannie St.Louis.
Monday, April 3, (26-50-30)
Pleasant cloudy in the afternoon. Sap run fast from the few trees Carol had tapped. Carol went to May's with the milk and stayed with Fred till May went to East Tilton. Frank Prescott drove for her. Carol had to gather sap twice. I wrote a paper " The Making of a Christian His Food" for C.E. meeting tomorrow night.
Tuesday, April 4, (32-60-32)
Rain in the morning. Ponoma Grange at East Tilton. Cleared off in the afternoon so Mr. J. and Carol went. Fannie Twombly came in the forenoon and Mrs. Plummer in the afternoon. Had nice visits from both. There were a good lot there at the Grange Meeting forty came down on the train. They had a good meeting.
Wednesday, April 5, (32-40-36)
Rain. Mrs. Foster came up in the afternoon and worked over the butter. I made bisuits and doughnuts for supper. Had a letter from Mrs. Berry of Barnstead.
Thursday, April 6, (32-36-36)
Rain cleared off in the afternoon. May came up a little while. Prescott drove up with Dolly. He went away at night. Mr. J. made out the list for his garden seeds and I wrote a Grange Report for the Critic. Finished a white collarette for Helen.
Friday, April 7, (26-50-28)
Pleasant. Mr. J. and Carol went to Tilton in the forenoon. I didn't feel very well but did up the work and had a nap. Mrs. Blanchard came up on the afternoon and washed the floor. She said I came and washed her floor when Mrs. B. was sick. Frank brought the mail. I crocheted some but didn't do any sewing. Carrie Foster and Wesley Hill came up in the forenoon and Carrie was again in the afternoon.
Saturday, April 8,
Pleasant, chilly wind. Carol went to May's with the milk and when she came back Carrie came with her. They went to the auction at East Tilton at Mr. William Johnson's. He is going to Tilton to live with his daughter. Guy, Lois, and Rintha came to Fred's. Angie went to the auction with Fannie. Mr. J. was drawing out manure as I was not alone. I lay down most of the time. Helped do the night work.
Sunday, April 9, (28-70-32)
Pleasant. Lois, Rintha, and Guy came up in the afternoon. Had a nice visit though I did not feel very well had neuralgia was better in the afternoon. Carol went down after dinner work was done to May's and to Fred Currier's Sap Camp. The Bryant's go back to Lakeport in the morning. Lois works in the Mill in Lakeport. Guy is in school., Rintha is home from Manchester for a week. Mr. J. went down awhile I rested and read.
Monday, April 10,
Cloudy. May came up in the afternoon and had to stay through a shower. I finished all my Grange Reports wrote for the Democrat and Journal Trans.
Tuesday, April 11,
Rain. Carol went to the mail box and carried May's milk. Mrs. Foster came up and Mr. J. churned after she came. She worked over the butter and washed up the cream things as usual.
Wednesday, April 12,
Pleasant. Frank worked at Mr. Plummer's. Mr. J. expected him to help in the afternoon but he did not come. He carried May's milk down, so Carol did not have to go. She sewed in the afternoon.
Thursday, April 13,
Pleasant. Frank worked here helping Mr. J. plow. Mrs. Foster came up in the forenoon. Carrie and Carol went to Lizzie Rowen's to a Kings Daughter Meeting and had a nice time. Angie did not work here after dinner Mr. Plummer drove and she came with him just for a minute. Angie did some machine stitching an aprons and waists for Carol.
Friday, April 14,
Pleasant. Carol carried down the milk and got the mail after she did the morning work. Angie helped stitch awhile till Mrs. Blanchard came for her to do some machine work. Frank worked here and Ring awhile so they were here to supper.
Saturday, April 15,
Pleasant. Carol helped do the work. Fannie came up after Charlie Ring. His grandmother Mrs. Haines is dead. He and Frank had gone fishing so Georgia telephoned to the store at East Tilton, and they told him when he came. Frank went to Gilmanton with him and Angie and Alice went to Fannie's. Carol went to Carrie's as Mrs. Foster went to Laconia. She came home and helped awhile. Went with Mr. J. to take Dolly home he had been harrowing. Worked another hour and stayed all night with Carrie.
Sunday, April 16,
Cloudy chilly wind. I got breakfast. Carol did the work after she came home. Mrs. Foster brought some things she got for me at Laconia. Grover was in. Carol went down to May's got the paper.
Monday, April 17,
Fair but windy. Mrs. Foster and Georgia Hill came up in the afternoon had a nice call (meaning stopped by). Georgia brought some dandelion wine and a package with a jacket and a bottle of blackberry wine from Lois. I sewed on some work for Carol for school. Wrote Democrat letter in eve. Asa and Fannie, Frank and Angie went to the funeral.
Tuesday, April 18, (20 in morning)
Pleasant but colder. School began. Mr. Charles Judkin's of Barnstead teacher. Mr. J. went to Belmont in the afternoon to get some grain.
Wednesday, April 19,
Pleasant. Carrie came up in the morning with a message from Charlie Durgin to draw coal but he could not go as he wanted to have the grain sowed. He churned in the morning. Mrs. Foster worked over the butter and Mr. J. carried it to Laconia in the afternoon, Grover went with him.
Thursday, April 20,
Carol went to school. Fast Day. Rained part of the day. Not very hard. Mr. J. worked over to Charlie Durgin's drawing coal. I slept some in the forenoon. Mrs. Blanchard and Jimmie came in as Angie was doing some stitching for her. Angie helped get a boiled dinner. I slept or rested from eleven till two. Then Angie got dinner for me and herself and did the work.
Friday, April 21,
Damp and cloudy. George Plummer was here helping plow and Mrs. Plummer came with him in the afternoon. Dr. Well's called and will come again Sunday. I had said I wanted to see him if I knew when he was in the neighborhood. Some of the Kings Daughters told him what I said. Carol went to school and did the work. They had to stop at the school house for a shower after school.
Saturday, April 22,
Pleasant warm. Addie Hall and her three boys came up in the forenoon. May came and made a nice call (meaning stopped by) too. She brought some dressing sachets to that Addie Fifield had sent up. Will be very nice for me there is a little waist warm wrappers to Mrs. Foster wine in the afternoon.
Sunday, April 23,
Pleasant. Easter Sunday. Carol and Carrie were going to the Easter Concert but it was in the evening so they did not go. Carol stayed all night with Carrie and they went down to hear some new pieces on the phonograph. I went to ride down to May's in the morning.
Monday, April 24,
Pleasant. I wrote to Vonia. Maud and Emma who sent some nice flowers, a white wreath, and a red one, along with a waist for Carol. Wrote Democrat letter and added to the Franklin letter which I didn't send last week.
Tuesday, April 25,
Pleasant. There was a Pomona Grange meeting at Laconia Round Bay. Carol did the work and went to school. Angie churned and Mrs. Foster came and worked over the butter. Mr. J. and Frank planted peas. Frank went to East Tilton in the evening with Willie.
Wednesday, April 26,
Fair and windy. Frank and Mr. J. worked for Fred Orrin, burned over a piece of land on the plain and the piece on top of the hill. That came on Mr. Junkin's a little. Carol went with Angie to the top of the hill in the evening to see the last of the fire. Mrs.Young and Mrs. Whicher called (meaning stopped by).
Thursday, April 27,
Pleasant. Mr. J. worked awhile for Fred but came home early. Carol went to school and did the work. Angie helped me some as usual.
Friday, April 28,
Pleasant windy. There was a fire on the plain which went through Mr. Brown's timber lot at the top of the sand hill and into Orrin's. The Belmont Fire Alarm sounded and a lot of men came from the village. Mr. J. and Orrin went down. Carol and Carrie went and got some Mayflowers.
Saturday, April 29,
Pleasant rain at night. Mr. J. worked away. Carol helped do the work and washed the floor after the work was done. At night she went over and stayed all night with Carrie. Mr. and Mrs. Foster went to Laconia and did not get home till after dark. Carrie was up here in the afternoon.
Sunday, April 30,
Pleasant. Mr. J. took me to ride down to May's. He carried Fred to ride down to Fred Currier's. Mr. Currier went down by May's and called (meaning stopped by)  to see me. Georgia and Fannie came in. Saw Eva and Amy at Mr. Foster's. Mrs. Foster brought me out some greens just cooked. The girls came up and Carol went after Mayflowers with them. Afterwards went with Angie. She got some nice ones so we did some up to sent to Emma and Maud.
Monday, May 1,
Fair. Some sunshine, snow squalls and hail. Mr. J. worked at Fred's. Carried the boxes of flowers so that Orrin took them to East Tilton when he carried the girls over. They would get them at night. Carol took some more to May for Mabel Rollins when she went to school. I began a letter to Sadie Homan.
Tuesday, May 2, (26 Heavy Frost)
Pleasant. I wrote the Democrat and Journal Trans. letters to take to the mail box but didn't do much work. Mr. J. was at home as Angie went down to Fannie's. Mr. J. helped me get his dinner. I lay down and slept in the afternoon. He planted pole beans.
Wednesday, May 3,
Rainy but cleared off. Mrs. F. came and worked over the butter. Mr. J. churned in the morning before he went to work. He rolled Fred's grain. Carol helped do the work and went to school as usual.
Thursday, May 4,
Pleasant. Mr. J. worked at Fred's getting out manure. had a nice call (meaning stopped by) from Mr. Harris our minister at the Village. Mr. Blanchard and some of the children have spinal meningitis or spotted fever which is around in sort of an epidemic. I finished Sadie Homan's letter.
Friday, May 5,
Fair and windy as usual. Fannie Twombly came up with Addie Chase and her two children. Fannie came in to see me. I wrote Kate Gilman.
Saturday, May 6,
Pleasant. The hottest day we have had. Carol did the work. Carrie was up in the afternoon. Mr. J. went to Laconia with butter and got groceries too. Carol stayed all night with Carrie. Mr. Foster and Mr. Fuller were at Laconia and it rained so they didn't come home. Mr. J. went to Fred's in eve. to carry home things they sent for. Rained and dark when he came back.
Sunday, May 7,
Pleasant. High wind in afternoon, damp in the morning from the rain last night. Addie Chase came in with her children before she went back down to Fannie's. Asa Twombly called (meaning stopped by).
Monday, May 8,
Pleasant. Mrs. Augusta Carter of Loudon Ridge called (meaning stopped by) up with May. She brought the teacher up. He is a nephew of Mr. Carter. They looked around the place with the glass. Mrs. Foster and Carrie came up in the evening. Emma Hart died today.
Diary Continued Part 2