1908 Portion of Caroline Youngs Diary

This portion of the diary appears to be written by someone other than Caroline. Possibly written by her Aunt Mary or May as often referred to. The following was scattered throught the back portion of the diary, and has been added to complete the diary pages.

November 5, 1908
Mrs. Helen Hill went to Province Vineland New York where she will be employed in the school of feeble minded boys and girls.

November 10, 1908
Received a letter from Annie Patter the home, no work, and are in bad condition. Received a letter from Lizzie C---- her new ?? ???.

November 15, 1908
First snow storm of the year. The snow has blown all day and remains in heaps. Jimmie and the boys went to church. Fred S---- went with the fref????? and went home.

November 17, 1908
There was a snow signal this morining and the roads drifted a little. Mr. Johnson and Elwin Greenleaf came up at night and brought some by. Carol rode over with Mr. Gile and Fred went after her.

November 18, 1908
Aunt Hannah's birthday sent a card yesterday. I did not go to Tilton yesterday on account of the storm. Fred went after Carol tonight and N?? went to the office. Fannie Twombly received a letter from Blanchard, the children are well.

December 1, 1908
Mrs. Foster went with me to the village and called when Olive seen the children have had the chicken pox and mumps.

December 2, 1908
Received a letter from Aunt Hannah they are well and had a fine dinner Thanksgiving day. Wrote to Ella Weeks this afternoon as the paper stated her father was well.

December 5, 1908
10 degrees above zero this morning. I went for the milk. Fred is finishing the Badger sketch.

February 8, 1909
Mr. Judkin's is sick. Caroline has gone up to stay with him. I have written to Maude Poland. Fred isn't very well. Dr. Well's has been here to see him today. We have all had the gripp I think.

February 12, 1909
James Hill put the flag at half-mass in observance of the centinianal of Abraham Lincoln. May Greenleigh Baker, Mrs. Charles Judkin's, and Olive Baker called upon us today.