Adams Surnames

Biographical Review 
Volume XXI, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Belknap and Strafford Counties, New Hampshire
Published in 1897 p.241
Herbert C. Adams, the well known station agent of Belmont, Belknap County, N.H., was born in Hill, N.H., November 12, 1866, son of Enoch and Sylvia Abigail (Babcock) Adams.  The immigrant ancestor of this branch of the Adams family in America was Robert Adams, Born in England, who settled in Newbury, Mass. His first wife, Eleanor, who was the mother of all his children, died June 12, 1677. He had a second wife, Sarah Glover, who was a widow Short. Robert' Adams died October 12, 1682. His widow died October 24, 1697. His children were ----
I.John who married a Woodman.
     II.Joanna, born 1634, who married Lancelot Granger.
    III.Abraham, born 1639,  who married Mary Pattengill.
    IV.Elizabeth, who married Edward Phelps.
     V.Mary, who married Jeremiah Goodrich.
    VI.Issac, born in 1648.
   VII.Jacob, born 23 April 1649, died 16 August 1649.
  VIII.Hannah, born 25 June 1650, married William Warham.
    IX.Jacob, born 13 September 1651, married Anna Allen, and died in 1717.

Abraham(2) Adams, son of Robert (1), born at Salem, Mass., in 1639, died June 14, 1714. He and his wife, Mary Pettengill, had the following children----

      I.Mary, born 16 January 1672, married George Thurlow.
     II.Robert, born 12 May 1674, married Rebecca Knight.
    III.Abraham, born in May 1676, married Anne Longfellow.
   IV.Isacc, born 26 February 1679, died 8 April 1763.
    V.Sarah, born 15 April 1681, married John Huchinson.
   VI.John, born 7 March 1684, married Elizabeth Noyes and Sarah Pearson.
  VII.Matthew, born 25 July 1686, married Sarah Knight.
 VIII.Israel, born 25 December 1688, married Rebecca Atkinson.
   IX.Dorothy, born 23 October 1691.
    X.Richard, born 22 November 1693, married Susanna Pike.

Richard(3) Adams, youngest child of Abraham(2) married 12 December 1717, Susanna Pike. He died 2 November 1778. Their children were: ----

     I.Mary C., born 8 October 1718, married Noah Adams.
    II.John, born 9 September 1720, died 20 March 1723.
   III.Hannah, born 16 November 1722, married Daniel Chute.
   IV.Enoch, born 24 September 1724, married Sarah Jackman and died 27 July 1749.
    V.Richard, born 2 November 1726, married Sarah Noyes, and died 6 November 1788.
   VI.Susanna, born 5 August 1729, died 19 June 1745.
  VII.Daniel, born 4 September 1734, married Ednah Noyes, and died 1 December 1759.
 VIII.Moses, born 17 January 1737, married Ruth Palmer, and died 16 September 1817.
   IX.Edmund, born 24 October 1740, married Hannah Thurston, and died 18 January 1825.

Richard(4) Adams, son of Richard(3) and Susanna (Pike) Adams, died 6 November 1788. He and his wife, Sarah Noyes, were the great-grandparents of the subject of this sketch. Their son, Enoch(5) Adams, born at Newbury, Mass., 29 November 1755, married Elizabeth Russell, who was born 27 June 1759. He was a soldier in the company of Captain Gerrish in the war of the Revolution. After marriage he settled with many other families from Newbury, Mass., at Salisbury, N.H., where his wife died in August, 1802, and he 27 February 1842. Their children were: ----

      I.Russell, born 20 January 1782, died 21 October 1788.
     II.Richard, born 21 August 1783, died 17 November 1788.
    III.Eli, born 29 September 1784, married Abigail True, and died 17 July 1832.
   IV.Judith, born 2 January 1787, married Enoch Eastman.
    V.Russell, born 12 May 1788, married Susan Fifield, died 19 November 1859.
   VI.Richard, born 29 July 1790, married Sarah Dunbar.
  VII.Eliza, born 3 May 1792.
 VIII.Phebe, born 2 July 1795.
   IX.Dorcas, born 19 July 1797, married D.S. Woodward, and died 10 March 1877.

Russell(6) Adams, son of Enoch(5) and Elizabeth (Russell) Adams, and the paternal grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born 12 May 1788, in Newbury, Mass., but removed to Hill, N.H., in early life, and became an extensive land-owner and produce and stock-raiser. He married Susanna Fifield, who was a daughter of Obadiah Fifield, of Salisbury, N.H., and one of a family of seven children; namely, Obadiah, Jonathan, Benjamin, Sally, Polly, Elizabeth, and Susanna. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Adams were attendants of the Christian Baptist Church. They had nine children, namely: Gilson: Harrison: Daniel: James; Enoch: Obadiah: Emeline, who died in infancy: Emeline, second: and an unnamed infant. Gilson Adams was three times married, and died leaving children by the first and second wives. Harrison married Margaret Morse, of Haverhill, Mass.: and they had two children ---- Charles and George. Daniel died single in 1870. James married Emily Young and had four children ----Ellen, Susan, Warren, and Martha. Obadiah, who died March 14, 1894, married in Jamaica Plain, Mass., and had one child ---- Charles F. Emeline (second) died at the age of fourteen years.

Enoch(7) Adams, son  of Russell and Susanna F. Adams, and the father of Herbert C., married September 25, 1856, a daughter of Ebenezer and Sylvia (Jennings) Babcock. By this alliance there were six children: namely, Willie, Francis Eugene, Ardella, Nellie May, Herbert C., and Margaret Emeline. Willie died March 11, 1857; Frances E. September 2, 1861; and Margaret E., May 28, 1870. Nellie May lives wither her brother, Herbert C. and Ardella is the wife of John R. Dearborn of Belmont.

Herbert C. Adams, after improving his boyhood's opportunities for acquiring a common-school education, went to work in the Belmont Cotton Mills, where he was employed for 10 years. He subsequently went to Laconia, and for one year was engaged as a clerk in O'Shea Brothers' store. Mr. Adams has since been engaged in efficiently discharging the duties of station agent for the Boston & Maine Railroad at Belmont. In 1891 he also became Town Clerk, which position he has filled acceptable for six years, being now in that office.

On June 14, 1893, he married Flossie A. Moulton. Her father, Edmund S. Moulton, was formerly a resident of Whitefield, N.H., but removed to Belmont, where he is now serving on the School Board. Mr. Adams is a member of the United Order of the Golden Cross, officiating as Financial Secretary. He is connected with the Christian Baptist Church, in which he has served for the past six years as superintendent of the Sunday school. Personally, he is a deservedly popular young man.