Bean Surnames

Biographical Review 
Volume XXI, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Belknap and Strafford Counties, New Hampshire
Published in 1897 p.420
Edwin C. Bean, a successful merchant of Belmont, Belknap County, and a Director of the Tilton & Belmont Railroad, is a native of Gilmanton, this County. He was born February 20, 1854, son of John C. and Climena (Chase) Bean, and a lineal descendant of John Bean, one of the early colonists. Simeon Bean, his great-grandfather, was the first of the family to settle in Belknap County, coming here in 1775. He was a farmer by occupation, and lived to be about forty-five years of age. Jeremiah Bean, his grandfather, who was prominent in town affairs, and served in the Board of Selectmen and New Hampshire legislature, by his wife, Mehitable, had five children, all of whom lived to maturity. One daughter died at twenty. His son, Joseph W., resides in Manchester, N.H. His wife was a daughter of John W. Chase, who was an officer in the War of 1812, and son of  a Revolutionary patriot who fought at Bunker Hill.

John C. Bean, the eldest son of Jeremiah, was born in Gilmanton, May 18, 1818. He received a good common-school education, and became a leading citizen of the town, which he served as Selectman for three years before its division. For twenty years he was Director of the Gilmanton Insurance Company, and for a considerable time he held the office of Justice of the Peace. His wife, Climena, was a daughter of Stephen Burleigh, one of those who fought for independence in the struggle of 1776. She was born June 20, 1815, and died in February, 1895, when nearly eighty years of age. Their children were: Emma D., Edna A., Orrin H., Alvin T., and Edwin C.

At the death of his father, Edwin C. Bean , the youngest child, was but nine years of age. The family soon after removed to Belmont, where he completed his rudimentary education. He subsequently attended Titlon Academy, and then pursued private studies, both by himself and under the tutorship of others, among them Lawyer Peaslee, of Laconia. In 1872 he went into the cotton-mills at Belmont, and was there employed until 1877. Since then he has been in business for himself.

On October 10, 1882, Mr. Bean was joined in marriage with Miss Marietta, daughter of Edwin R. Bowman, of Eastport, Me. They have had three children, namely: Helen M. and John C., who attended school; and Arthur Edward who is four years old. In politics Mr. Bean is a Republican. He has always taken much interest in local affairs. Under the administration of President Hayes he was appointed Postmaster of Belmont, which office he very acceptable filled for seven years. In 1886 he represented this town in the Lower House of the State legislature, where he served on the Normal School and Election Committees, and spoke on the Normal School bill and that bill relating to the Tilton & Belmont Railroad, both of which were passed. He was a candidate for the New Hampshire Senate on two occasions, when his party was in a minority. In 1881 and 1882 he held office of Town clerk. Fraternally, he is a member of Mount Lebanon Lodge, No. 32, F. & A. M.; of Union Chapter, No. 7, R. A. M.; Pythagorean Council, No. 6, R. & S. M.; of Pilgrim Commandery., K. T. He has held office in none of these on account of his inability to attend regularly by reason of distance from the place of meeting. He has also membership in Governor Busiel Lodge, No. 53, K. of P., of Belmont, in which he is a P. C. C.; and in Lawrence Grange, of which he is a Past Master. Mr. Bean is an attendant of the Free Will Baptist Church.
Edwin C. Bean
The Granite Monthly
Volume XXI, July - December, 1896.
Published in 1896 p.123
Nehemiah Sleeper Bean was born in Gilmanton, May 16, 1818, and died in Manchester, July 20, 1896. He learned the millwright's trade and assisted in the construction of mills in various parts of the state. Later he was the employ of the Essex locomotive works at Lawrence, and built the Pacific that ran for many years on the Boston and Maine. Fame and fortune came to him, however, as the inventor and perfector of the Amoskeag steam fire engine, one of Manchester's numerous products which are known around the world. Mr. Bean was also prominent in banking circles and had served in the legislature and city government.
The Granite Monthly
A New Hampshire Magazine
Volume XXIII,  1897
Published in 1897 by Granite State Monthly  p.250
Aaron Heywood Bean was born in Gilmanton, August 23, 1814, but removed to Boston with his parents when a boy. He became president of the National Fire Insurance Company in 1871, of the Faneuil Hall Fire Insurance company in 1874, and of the Hamilton National bank in 1883, holding the last-named position at the time of his death. He had served in the Boston common council and was one of the wardens of the South Congregational church in that city. He died in Boston, September 2, 1897.
The Granite Monthly
A New Hampshire Magazine
Volume XLV, Jan.-Dec.  1913
Published in 1913 by Granite State Monthly  p..99
Hon. Edwin C. Bean "Bean of Belmont" has been a prominent figure in public, political and business life for a quarter of a century. He is a native of Gilmanton, born February 20, 1854; was educated at the Tilton Seminary, and has been in business at Belmont as a druggist and general merchant for many years, and has taken an active part in town affairs as a Republican, serving as moderator and town clerk,  and postmaster. attending the conventions and acting upon the committees of his party in county district and state. He represented Belmont in the Legislature of 1887, and his district in the State Senate in 1901. He was a delegate from New Hampshire in the Republican National Convention of 1904, and was a member of the last State Constitutional convention, taking an active part in its work. He served as aid-de-camp on the staff of Governor John M. McLane, with the rank of colonel. He has been a prominent figure in the House of Representatives in the present Legislature, being chairman of the Republican caucus, and chairman of the Committee on Education, but by no means confining his activities to the work of that committee. He is not a frequent, but is a strong and forceful speaker and is heard whenever he has something to say, and saying it directly to the point. 

Mr. Bean is married and has three children. He attends the Free Baptist church, is a Knight Templar and Scottish Rite Mason, A knight of Pythias and a member of the Grange. He has been president of the New Hampshire Retail Grocers' Association.