Gale Surnames

History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
Published in 1845 
Bartholomew Gale came from England to Boston, and was a shipwright. He had Jacob, Daniel and some others. Jacob settled in Kingston, and was a Representative. Capt. Daniel Gale, son of Jacob Gale, Esq. of Kingston, was b. Sept. 2d,1739, m. Patience Eastman on May 29th, 1760, who was b. Dec. 14th, 1734. Their children were Susan, Jacob, Joseph, Shuah and Daniel, twins, Mary, Stephen and Elizabeth. He moved to Gilmanton in 1780, and died in Nov. 1801. His wife died in May, 1804.

Jacob Gale,  his son, b. Oct. 5, 1764, m. Mary Rowell April 5, 1787, and had Amos, Patty, Jacob, William, Mary, Daniel, Stephen and some others.

Joseph Gale b. Oct. 30th, 1764, m. Sarah Smith April 16th, 1789, and had Abraham, Mary, John, Patience, Daniel, Stephen, James, Dolly, Thomas and Moses.

Stephen Gale b. April 10, 1774, m. Lois Patten of Kingston Feb. 20th, 1801, who was b. Oct. 15th, 1779, and had Caroline, Mehetable, Rev. William P., Lois, Susan, Hannah and Stephen.

Rev. William P. Gale, son of Stephen Gale, was b. Feb., 24th, 1806, and grad. at Gilmanton Theological Seminary, August, 1841. Preaching about three years in Vermont, he was ordained in Thornton, N.H., Jan. 1st, 1845. He m. Louisa Patten of Kingston.

Daniel Gale of Exeter, son of Bartholomew, had Stephen and Daniel.

Stephen Gale, son of Daniel Gale of Exeter, who was a brother of Jacob Gale, Esq., m. Susanna Flanders, and lived first in Raymond, where he owned mills. But about 1775, he removed to Meredith Bridge, and had mills in operation when there was but one dwelling house in place. In 1780, he removed to the place now occupied by Judge Gale. He was the father of Stephen and Daniel Esq. Stephen m. Polly daughter of Lieut. Ebenezer Eastman, and lives in Meredith.

Daniel Gale , Esq. lives on the homestead, and has been a Magistrate, 16 years a Selectmen, 6 years a Representative, and 4 years Judge of the Court Sessions.

Daniel Gale, son of Daniel of Exeter, b. June 6th, 1747, m. Rhoda Burleigh of Newmarket, b. Nov. 25th, 1750, and had Polly, Betsey, Rhoda, Daniel, who m. Cate Perkins, and was the father of Perkins Gale of Concord, Nancy, Bartholomew, Stephen, Hannah, John, Lydia and Dudley. John M. and Wm. R. Gale are sons of Bartholomew. Mr. Gale moved to Sanbornton, and died Oct. 16th, 1825. His wife d. Jan. 25, 1819.

Granite Monthly
Volume XVIII, p.65
Published 1895
Concord, New Hampshire
Napoleon Boneparte Gale was born in Gilmanton, March 3, 1815, and died in Laconia on December 21, 1895. He was educated at Sanbornton and Gilmanton academies, and was engaged in mercantile pursuits and farming until 1852, when he entered the Belknap County bank, becoming a cashier in the following year, and president of the Belknap Savings bank, which succeeded it upon the expiration of its charter in 1866, holding the office until his death. Mr. Gale represented Belmont in the legislature in 1867-'68 and Laconia in 1885-'86. Upon Mr. Gale's death he bequest $10, 000 to the Town of Belmont, in which the town used towards the construction of the Gale School. The remainder of his estate was left to the city of Laconia, and was used to construct and fund the Gale Memorial Library.