Gilman Surnames

History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
Published in 1845 
In the month of May, 1638, Edward Gilman, with his wife, three sons, two daughters and three servants, came from the County of Norfolk, England, (it does not appear from what town,) and settled in Hingham. He was admitted freeman Dec. 13th, 1638. This family, with many other passengers, numbering in all 133, came in one ship, called the Delight of Ipswich. The master was John Martin of that place. In 1641, a tract of land eight miles square, then called Seekonk, now Rehoboth, was granted of Edward Gilman and others by the Plymouth Colony. In 1643, his estate was L300. His name does not appear on the records of that town after 1646. In 1647, his name appears in Ipswich, and Sept. 18th, 1648, Edward Gilman, Jr. sold to his father Edward Gilman the farm given him by his father-in-law, Richard Smith. Edward, Jr. went to Exeter and built some mills. In 1653, he was lost at sea, having gone to England for mill gearing. His father, and the other sons, John and Moses, immediately repaired to Exeter, and there established themselves, and from Edward Gilman through his three sons, John, Edward and Moses, all the families of the name in this town and vicinity have descended.

Descendants of Hon. John Gilman, son of Edward, Sen. Hon. John Gilman, a Counselor, b. Jan. 10, 1624, m. Elizabeth Trueworthy June 20th, 1657, and had Mary, b. Sept 10th, 1658, who m. Jonathan Thing, James, b. Feb. 1, 1659-60, Elizabeth, b. Aug. 16th, 1616, and m. Nathaniel Ladd, and after his death she m. Henry Wadleigh, John, b. Oct. 3d, 1663, Catharine, b. March 15th, 1664-65, Sarah, b. Feb. 26th 1666-67, Lydia, b. Dec. 12th, 1668, m. John White of Haverhill, Deborah, b. April 30th, 1669, Samuel, b. Mach 30th, 1671, Nicholas, b. Dec. 25th, 1672, Abigail, b. Dec. 3d, 1674, m. Samuel Thing, John b. Jan. 19th, 1676, m. Elizabeth Coffin, Joanna, b. April 30th, 1679, m. Robert Coffin, Joseph, b. Dec. 28th, 1680, Alice, B. May 23d, 1683, m. James Leavitt, Catharine, b. Nov. 27th, 1784. Hon. John Gilman d. July 24th, 1708, aged 84. His wife d. Sept. 8th, 1719, aged 80.

Nicholas Gilman, Esq. a Justice in the Criminal Court, m. Sarah Clark June 10th, 1697, and had Samuel, b. May 1st, 1698, who m. Abigail Lord and had Samuel, Nicholas and Robert. John, b. Dec. 24th, 1699, who m. Mary Thing, Daniel, b. Jan. 28th, 1702, Nathaniel, b. May 24th, 1704, m. Sarah Emery, Rev. Nicholas, b. Jan. 1707, settled in Durham. Dr. Josiah, b. Feb. 25th, 1709-10, m. Abigail Coffin and had Nicholas, Abigail, Elizabeth, who m. Josiah Folsom grand-father of Rev. Nathaniel of Haverhill, Ms. Joanna, Judith, Sarah, who m. Theophilus Smith, Joseph Coffin, Deborah, who m. Samuel Colcord, and Dorothy. Dr. Josiah d. Jan 1st, 1793, aged 84. (additional information below)

Nicholas Gilman, Esq., was son of Hon. John Gilman of Exter, and was born Dec. 26, 1672. He married Sarah Clark June 10, 1697, and had 6 sons, Samuel, John, Daniel, Nathaniel, Nicholas and Josiah. He was to a considerable extent in public life, and was one of the Justices in the Court held at Portsmouth in 1739, who sentences Sarah Simpson and Penelope Kenny for the murder of an infant child. The execution of these two females was the first which ever occurred in New Hampshire, and took place at Portsmouth, Dec. 27, 1739. Henry Sherburne was the Chief Justice, Nicholas Gilman, Joseph Sherburne and Ellis Huske, his associtates.

Samuel Gilman, son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., and grandson of Hon. John Gilman, was born May 1, 1698. He married Abigail Lord, by whom he had Samuel, Nicholas and Robert.

John Gilman Jr., was son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., and was b. Dec. 24, 1699. He m. Mary Thing.

Nathaniel Gilman was son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., and was born May 24, 1704. He married Sarah Emery.

Rev. Nicholas Gilman, Jr., was son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., and was born Jan. 18, 1707; graduated at Harvard College 1724, when but 17 years old. Having studied Divinity, he received a call to settle at New Market, Feb. 24, 1728, when he was 21 years of age; which call he declined. He was ordained at Durham, March 3, 1742, and died April 13, 1748. His character is thus given on the monument erected to his memory. " He was endowed with many amiable and useful accomplishments. His manners were grave, easy and pleasant. He was exemplary in extensive charity and beneficence; eminent in piety, and self-denial, and victory over the world; a fervent, sound, persuasive preacher; abounding in the work of the Lord."

Dr. Josiah Gilman, the youngest son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., was b. Feb. 25, 1710, and was married to Abigail Coffin. Their children were Nicholas, Abigail, Elizabeth, who m. Josiah Folsom, Joanna, Judith Sarah, who m. Theophilus Smith, Joseph Coffin, Deborah, who m. Samuel Colcord, and Dorothy. Dr. Josiah Gilman was Clerk of the Proprietors for about thirty years, and drew the second plan of the town. He died Jan. 1, 1793, aged 84.

Col. Daniel Gilman m. Mary  Lord and had Daniel, John Hon. Nicholas, father of Gov. Gilman, and Somersby. By his second wife, Abigail Sawyer, he had Joseph, Mary Abigail, Samuel, Bartholomew, Francis, Dr. Nathaniel and Elizabeth. (see additonal information below)

Col. Daniel Gilman, son of Nicholas Gilman, Esq., was b. Jan. 28, 1702; m. Mary Lord, by whom he had 4 children, Somersby, an early settler of Gilmanton, Daniel, John, and Nicholas, who m. Anne Taylor, and had John Taylor Gilman, and Mary, who m. Nicholas Gilman. Col. Daniel Gilman m. Abigail Sawyer for his second wife, by whom he had 8 children.

Capt. Summersbee Gilman b. Oct. 10th, 1734, m. Sarah Sibley, who was b. Dec. 10th, 1734, moved to Gilmanton, and had Samuel, John, Sarah, Abigail, Nathaniel, Daniel, Nicholas, Summersbee, Barthelomy, Joseph and Mary. He died June 26th, 1786.

Daniel Gilman b. in Gilmanton Feb. 6th, 1765, m. Sarah Richardson June 16th, 1788, who was b. Jan. 2nd, 1763, and had Sarah, Summersbee, Samuel, Mary Barthlomy, Daniel, and Judith Swain.

John Gilman, Esq., son of Hon. John., b. Jan. 19th, 1676 m. Elizabeth Coffin and had Col. Peter, b. Feb. 6th, 1704, Elizabeth, Abigail, Joanna, Major John, Robert and Samuel, Jr. Esq. the father of Arthur of Newburyport. (see below for additional information)

John Gilman, Esq. was son of Hon. John Gilman, and was born Jan. 19, 1676. He married Elizabeth Coffin, June 5, 1698, and had 7 children, 4 of whom were sons, viz. Peter, John, Robert, and Samuel. His second wife was Elizabeth Hale by whom he had 4 children, making 11 in all. At the time of the granting of this Charter, he was Major John Gilman, and was mentioned in the Charter as Chairman of the first Board of Selectmen, and was Moderator of the first Proprietors' Meeting in 1728. He is mentioned in the Records again in 1737 and 1739 as Col. John Gilman.

Major John Gilman b. Oct. 5th, 1712, m. Jane Dean, sister of Woodbridge Dean, and had William Clark, Nathaniel Clark, Peter, Nicholas, Mary, Joanna, Jane, Thomas, John Ward, for 40 years postmaster Exeter, and Benjamin Clark.

Thomas Gilman b. June 15th, 1747, m. Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of Rev. Daniel, Dec. 31st, 1772 was b. Feb. 22, 1754, moved to Gilmanton for a few years, and had Whittingham, now of Newburyport, Thomas, John, Nathaniel Clark, Henry, Elizabeth and Abigail.

Descendants of the second son of Edward Gilman, Sen. Edward Gilman, Jr. of Exeter, who was lost at sea, left a son Edward 3d, b. in 1648, who was m. and had Edward 4th, b. Oct. 20th 1675, Antipas, b. Feb. 2d,1677, Maverick, b. April 11, 1681. He d. 1692, Edward 4th had Edward 5th, Antipas, Jonathan and Maverick.

Antipas Gilman, son of Edward 4th, b. in 1705, lived in Brentwood, m. Lydia Thing, and had Abigail, Antipas, Samuel, Edward, Jonathan, Deborah, Benjamin and Nathaniel, and d. in Gilmanton, Jan. 1793, aged 88.

Col. Antipas Gilman, son of the preceding, b. July 15th, 1730 (p269), m. Joanna, the only daughter of Capt. John Gilman of Exeter, who m. Abigail Thing, and had Jonathan, Alice, Lydia, Dudley, Hannah, Abigail, Joanna and Betsey, and d. Feb. 28th, 1801, aged 71.

Col. Antipas Gilman was a son Antipas Gilman of Brentwood, and Lydia Thing his wife, and was born in Brentwood, May 6, 1730 (p236). He was a man of considerable enterprise, and was early employed by the Proprietors in company with Gen. Badger, in laying out the lots and running the boundary lines of the town. He finally selected as his own lot No. 2 of the first gore, and moved upon it in Nov.1768. He was the first Innholder in the town, and was entrusted with a portion of town business, being selectman, constable, &c., and active in building the Congregational Meeting House In 1755, he married Joanna Gilman, daughter of Capt. John Gilman of Exeter, and Abagail Thing, and had 6 children when he moved into town. Two were born afterwards making in all 8 children. His wife died Sept., 1773, aged 40. He married his second wife widow Mary Gilman of Exeter, whose maiden name was Gilman, and had 2 children Ezekiel and Mary Gilman, by her first husband. His father, Antipas Gilman, Sen., moved to town in his old age and lived and died near to Maj. Paish's. His brothers were Samuel, Edward, Jonathan and Benjamin.

Samuel Gilman, brother of preceding, b. March 8th, 1732, m. Hannah Tilton, who was b. July 9th, 1730, lived in Gilmanton, and had Samuel, John, Betty, Peter, Hannah, Levi, Lydia, Nathaniel, Anna, David, Dolly and Hatty, and died May 17th, 1776.

Samuel married Hannah Tilton, and settled on the place owned and occupied by Capt. J. Brown, and died 1776, of Camp Fever. Edward bought the Proprietors' Grist Mill and lived at Gutters Mill until he became blind, when he moved to Walden, Vt., to live with his children. (see information below)

Nicholas Gilman 3d, was son of Samuel Gilman, and grandson of Nicholas Gilman Esq.

In May, 1775. Col. Antipas Gilman was chosen a Delegate to the Convention, held at Exeter. He was one of the petitioners for a Charter for the Academy, and a contributor to its funds. He died Feb. 28, 1801, aged 71, and was buried in the grave yard, which he had laid out in 1773, for the Gilman family, and where his first wife was then buried, near Mr. Calvin Howe's store.

Jonathan Gilman b. Dec. 24, 1743, m. Priscilla Elkins, who was b. May 22d, 1746, lived in Gilmanton, and had Lydia, Josiah, Mehetable, Mary Deborah and Ruth, and died May 27th, 1821, aged 77.

Benjamin Gilman b. Oct. 18th, 1747, m. Elizabeth Ladd April 21st, 1774, who was b. Dec. 20th, 1754, lived in Gilmanton, and had Benjamin, Nathaniel, Betty and Judith, and died Oct. 1st, 1804, aged 57. She d. Nov. 17th, 1844, aged 90.

Jonathan Gilman, son of Col. Antipas, m. Betsey Meloon, and had Betsey, Jeremiah, Enoch, Joseph, Dudley, Olive, Sarah, Trueworthy, Nancy and Polly, and by his second wife, Charity Downs, he had Phebe, William and Thomas. He died in 1809, aged 54.

Enoch Gilman, son of the above, m. Sarah Harvey, had 14 children. He is now Deacon of the Congregational Church in Thornton.

Maverick Gilman,  son of Edward Gilman 3d, of Exeter m. Sarah Dudley and had Joseph, Sarah, Jon, Mary and Samuel.

Joseph Gilman,  son of Maverick, b. Sept. 5th, 105, had a son Joseph, who m. a Piper, and moved to Gilmanton, and had Rebecca, who m. Moses Page, and Joseph, who m. Love D. Rowell, and had Rice, Susan Rowell, Betsey Harvey, Joseph Piper, Mary Jane and Francis Spofford. He died Nov. 26, 1839.

Capt. Jonathan, son of Maverick, b. Aug. 10th, 1713, m. Elizabeth Sanborn, May 12, 1737, and had Eliphalet, Jotham, Edward, Jonathan, Betty, who m. Josiah, son of Capt. John Gilman of Exeter, and William.

Jotham, son of Capt. Jonathan, b. Sept. 16th, 1747, m. Sally Lougee, daughter of John Lougee, Jan. 22, 770, lived in Gilmanton, and had Polly, Cotton, Joseph, Sally, Betsey, Alice, Abigail, and died March 4th, 1819. His wife died Jan. 5th, 1820.

Edward Gilman, Esq., son of Capt. Jonathan, m. Olive Light, lived in Gilmanton, and had Joanna, Ebenezer, Polly, Hannah, Joseph, Dea. James, Betsey, William and Eliphalet F.

Edward Gilman, Jr., b. Oct. 20, 1675, was the son of Edward Gilman, and grandson of Edward Gilman, who was lost while on his passage to England for mill gear, in 1653. This last Edward was the son of Edward Gilman, who came over in 1636, and was also the brother of Hon. John Gilman. Edward Gilman, Jr., named in the Charter, was the surveyor of the Proprietors in running the boundaries of Gilmanton, and also in laying out the first division of 40 acre lots. He drew the first plan of the town.

Descendents of the third son of Edward Gilman, Senior. Moses Gilman, the third son of Edward 1st, lived in that part of Exeter now called Newmarket, and had Jeremiah, James, Capt. John, David, Joshua and Caleb.

Capt. Jeremiah, b. 1660, had Thomas, Andrew, Joseph and others. The last two sons were captured by the Indians in 1709, and taken to Canada. At a war dance, Joseph was burnt. Andrew was sold to the French and imprisoned, but obtained favor of the Governor, and was permitted to work for wages, until he earned a sum sufficient to purchase his freedom.

Andrew Gilman,  son of Capt. Jeremiah, m. Joanna Thing Jan. 27th, 1714-15, and had Abigail, Jeremiah, Joanna, Deborah and Mary. Mrs. Gilman d. Nov. 16th, 1727. He m. for his second wife Bridgett, daughter of Col. Winthrop Hilton, April 3d, 1728, and had Winthrop, Anna, who Daniel Leavitt of Brentwood, and Andrew. She died Nov. 10th, 1736.

Andrew Gilman was the son of Capt. Jeremy Gilman, and gradson of Moses Gilman, who settled in part of Exeter called New Market. He was in 1690, and was about 19 years old when he and another brother, together with William Moody and Samuel Stevens, were taken by the Indians May 8, 1709, at Pickpocket-mill in Exeter, and carried to the shores of the Winepisiogee Lake. He fortunately made his escape, and reached home. After his son Winthrop settled in Gilmanton, he came to make him a visit, and went to the Lake, to see the place where the Indians encamped. Everything, even then, looked natural to the liberated captive. Andrew Gilman m. Joanna Thing of Exeter, Jan. 27, 1714-15, by whom he had Abigail, Jeremiah, Joanna, Deborah and Mary. She died Nov. 16, 1727. He married for his second wife Bridgett Hilton, daughter of Col. Winthrop Hilton of New Market, by whom he had Winthrop, Anna, and Andrew. She died Nov. 10, 1736.

Capt. Winthrop Gilman b. Nov. 30th, 1732, m. Deborah, daughter of Antipas Gilman, moved to Gilmanton, and had Lydia, Deborah, Dea. Andrew, Winthrop, Bridgett, Abigail, Antipas, Anna and Nathniel. Mrs. Gilman died April 2d, 1776. Mr. Gilman m. Betsey Mitchell Folsom and had Caleb, Sally, Shuah and John. He d. April 12th, 1812 aged 80.

Winthrop Gilman, son of Capt. Winthrop, b. March 10th 1766, m. Abigail, daughter of Col. Antipas Gilman, Aug. 21st, 1788, and had Winthrop, Abigail,Joanna, Betsey, Deborah, Sally, Wealthy and Alice. He d.  Jan. 4th, 1826, aged 60.

James Gilman, son of Moses of Newmarket, b. May 31st, 1665, had Ezekiel, Neemiah, Jonathan and James.

Ezekiel Gilman d. in the army during the French War. His son, whom his father in a letter from the Army just before his death named Bradstreet Gilman, lived Newmarket, had a son Dudley, who lived in Gilmanton, and whose son Bradstreet has been a Magistrate and Selectman.

Nehemiah Gilman, b. in 1700, d. in 1796, was the great grand-father of  Gov. Cass. His widow d. in Meredith at an advanced age.

Jonathan Gilman b. in 1701, m. Elizabeth Leavitt, Jan. 16th, 1723-24, lived in Exeter, and had Alice, who m. John York of Exeter, Elizabeth, Robert B., Jonathan, Hannah, Mary, Conner and John, a twin brother of Dorothy.

John Gilman, son of Jonathan, b. July 18, 1746, m. Molly Smith daughter of Richard, Oct. 22d, 1767, who was b. June 12, 1749, moved to Gilmanton and had Jonathan, Molly, Deborah, Dolly, John, Ebenezer, Elizabeth Leavitt, Dea. Theophilus, Ephraim and Smith. He d. April 3d, 1836, aged 90. She d. June 30th, 1799 aged 50. Eleanor Potter, his second wife d. June 30th, 1829.

Joshua Gilman, son of Moses of Newmarket, had Mariah, Sarah, Hannah and Joshua. He lived in Hampton, and was a Representative.

Joshua Gilman,  son of Joshua of Hampton, m. Mariah Hersey Nov. 10th, 1702, lived in Kensington, and had Mariah, Sarah, Hannah, Joshua, and Esther.

Joshua,  son of the preceding, b. Feb. 2d, 1716, m. Esther Rowe of Kensington, and had Peter, an infant, who d. Mariah, Joshua, Samuel, Esther, Nicholas, Zebulon, Apphia and Nochas Gilman, . In Feb. 1760, Mr. Gilman lost by the throat distemper four children, Esther, Nicholas, Zebulon and Apphia, one half of his whole number. In 1772 he moved to Gilmanton, and d. Jan.7th, 1792, aged 77. His wife d. Feb. 9th, 1793, aged 73.

Peter Gilman, son of Joshua, b. Jan. 5, 1739, m. Elizabeth Bryant, lived in Gilmanton, and had Esther, John, Betsey, Zebulon, Nancy and Sarah. He was a Revolutionary officer, and d. May 30th, 1797.

Col. Peter Gilman, son of Major John Gilman, was born Feb. 6, 1704. He commanded a regiment in the French War in 1755, and was a Mandamus Councillor, and a Speaker of the Assembly, but in the War of the Revolution he adhered to the British cause. He died Dec. 1, 1788, aged 84.

Joshua Gilman, son of Joshua, b. March 21st, 1745, m. Mary Shaw and had Abraham, Samuel, Apphia, Joshua, Joseph, Mary Peter, John, Esther, Nicholas and Zebulon. Nicholas b. March 7th, 1787, m. Hannah True March 12th, 1818, and had 10 children. Joshua Gilman d. April 21st, 1825, aged 80. Mrs. Gilman d. Feb. 2d, 1844, aged 98.

Samuel Gilman, son of Joshua, b. Oct. 28th, 1748, m. Alice daughter Col. Antipas Gilman, Dec.  28th, 1775, who was b. Sept. 10th, 1758, and had Judith, Samuel, Alice, Esther, John, Polly, Lydia and Nicholas.

Samuel Gilman, son of Samuel b. Dec. 1st, 1779, m. Sarah Jones Jan. 19th, 1802, and had Charles, Col. Cyrus, Joseph J. A. B., and Sarah A.

Samuel Gilman 3d, was son of Samuel Gilman and Abigail Lord.

Joseph Jones Gilman, A.B., son of Samuel, was b. Nov. 7th, 1817. He pursued his preparatory studies Gilmanton Academy, grad. at D.C. 1838, read Law in the City of Baltimore, where he was admitted, and now pursues the practice.

Dea. Samuel Gilman, Jr., m. the widow of Col. Zebulon Giddings, and was the father of Arthur Gilman, of Newburyport.

Nichol Gilman,  brother of Peter, b. Sept. 5, 1760, m. Hannah Badger, daughter of Enoch Badger Aug. 8th, 1782, had Enoch, William, Hannah and Nicholas, and by his second wife, Eunice Huckins, whom he m. Nov. 30th, 1790, he had Joshua, Joseph and Betsey. Nicholas b. Aug. 26th, 1789, m. Polly Gilman, and only son is William Henry.

In 1790, 30 years from the settlement of town, according to the census of that year, there were 300 persons of the name of Gilman, descendants of Edward Gilman, Sen. in this town alone.