Dr. Joseph Gould trained with Doctor Job Wilson of Franklin before coming to Badger's Mills, now Belmont Village about 1830. He left town about 1850.
History of  Gilmanton 
New Hampshire to 1875 
Written by William Badger as a continuation
of  the work of Reverend Daniel Lancaster

Gould Surnames
Postcard History Series Belmont
Published by Arcadia Publishing 2006
p.105 Written by: Diane Marden with the Belmont Historical Society
This home (above) dates from the 1800's. It was owned in 1835 by the first-known doctor in Upper Gilmanton (now Belmont). Dr. Joseph and Sally Gould moved here in 1830 and left the area by 1850, The property  was later owned by Brock and Etta Dearborn. Etta became librarian and held the position for 20 years. In 1951, Harold and Isabella Reed purchased the property. Harold was the road agent for 26 years, from 1957 to 1983. This building still stands today.