Odlin Surnames

History of Gilmanton
Written by: Daniel Lancaster
Published in 1845 
Rev. John Odlin was a minister of Exeter: was the son of Elisha Odlin and grandson of John Odlin of Boston, and was born November, 1681; graduated at Harvard College 1702; married Elizabeth Woodbridge, the widow of his predecessor, Rev. John Clarke, Oct. 21, 1706: was ordained Nov. 12, 1706; and had 4 sons, John, Elisha, Dudley and Woodbridge. Mr. Odlin died 1754, aged 72. His son Elisha graduated at Harvard College 1731, and was settled in the ministry at Amesbury, Mass. Woodbridge Odlin born April 28, 1718, graduated at Harvard College 1738, and became his fathers successor in the ministry at Exeter. He was ordained his father's colleague Sept. 28, 1743, and died March 10, 1776. He married Abigail, the widow of Rev. John Strong of Portsmouth, and a daughter of Col. Peter Gilman of Exeter, Oct. 23, 1755. His children were Dudley, Woodbridge, Peter , Elizabeth, Abigail, the first wife of Hon. Nathaniel Gilman of Exeter, John Mary Ann, wife of Thomas Stickney of Concord, and Charlotte, wife of Jerimiah Stickney of Dover.

Capt. John Odlin was the son of Rev. John Odlin, and brother of Rev. Woodbridge Odlin, of Exeter.