Rowe Surnames

Biographical Review 
Volume XXI, Containing Life Sketches of Leading Citizens of Belknap and Strafford Counties, New Hampshire
Published in 1897 p.410
Charles H. Rowe, an esteemed and prosperous citizen of Laconia, was born October 8, 1837, in Gilmanton, now Belmont, Belknap County, a son of Morrison and Sarah B. (James) Rowe. Jeremiah Rowe, the father of Morrison, was a native of that part of the town of Gilford now included in Laconia, and was quite extensively engaged in farming. He was twice married, the maiden name of his first wife having been Ruth Lone, and that of his second Ruth Seward. Besides Morrision, who was born of his first marriage, he had three other sons ---- Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Charles.

Morrison Rowe was a native of Gilmanton. When twenty-one years of age, he purchased a farm of one hundred and fifty acres in Belmont, and thereafter was engaged in general farming and stock-raising with good success until his decease. In politics he was a Democrat, and was chosen to represent the town of Belmont in the New Hampshire legislature in the year 1855. In religious belief he was a Free Baptist. He died in 1868, fifty-eight years of age. His union with Sarah B. James, a daughter of Jonathan James, was blessed by the birth of a son and three daughters; namely, Mary J. Rowe, Ellen F., Charles H., and Flora A. Mary Jane married Franklin Cook, of Plymouth, N.H., with whom she afterward went to Minneapolis, Minn., where she still resides, having three children ---- Frank Cook, Ray J., and Flora E.  Ellen F. Rowe married Edwin Clark, of Plymouth, N.H. and has two sons and a daughter ---- Everett, Mabel, and Walter. Flora A. Rowe married John F. Merrill, of Laconia. They have three sons and one daughter---- Albert R., F. Carlton, Eva L., and Frederic D. Merrill.

After finishing his elementary education, Charles H. Rowe attended the New Hampton Seminary and Gilford Academy at Laconia. He then took up the calling of farmer in Belmont, beginning with sixty-five acres of land, to which he kept adding until he had a farm of three hundred acres. Since 1884 he has been principally engaged in the real estate business; also conducting a grain and grocery store at Laconia in company with his son, Daniel M., under the style of D.M. Rowe & Co., for five years. At one time he owned a twelve-acre lot that extended some distance up Court Street, out of which he gave Fair, Bay, and Charles Streets to the town, and laid out thirty-three house lots, which he has sold and built on.

In 1861, Mr. Rowe married Marietta P. Ladd, daughter of Daniel G. and Lydia (Rundlett) Ladd, of Belmont. Mr. Ladd died in 1855. His wife, Lydia, is now eighty-one years old. Mrs. Rowe died at the age of fifty-three. She bore her husband three sons ---- Daniel M., Leon G., and Merton C. The first two, under the style of Rowe Brothers, carry on a successful wholesale grocery business. Merton C. died in 1891, aged twenty-one years. Mr. Rowe is a Gold Democrat. For three years he was one of the Selectman of Belmont ----1875, 1876, and 1877----the last year being Chairman of the Board. He served as Tax Collector of Belmont in 1872, and in Laconia received the nomination for Representative to the State legislature, but was not elected.
Diary of Emma Rowe
Diary of Emma Rowe