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The Save Our Gale School Committee began with a handful of people who were concerned about the future of the Gale School Building located in Belmont, N.H. This Historic Landmark had a different meaning for each, and each of us had different ideas and opinions. One thing they had in common was to save this Historic Landmark.

Therefore, these individuals decided to hold its first organizational meeting on Wednesday, August 9, 2006. The committee decided to raise funds in support of saving the Gale School Building from complete and utter destruction by trying to work with the community and other local governing bodies to find a solution to the problem. The group decided to look into available grant opportunities, funding options, and other programs that may be of assistance, and committed to raising funds to lessen the burden on taxpayers in the event the building could be saved. 

Each member agreed to look at the many avenues regarding building use, removal, and demolition, keeping taxpayers and the community heritage foremost in mind. All agreed that the Gale School is a significant building worth fighting for, and therefore the committee was formed.

Today, the committee consists of ten members at the present time, but additional members are more than welcome to join the group. The purpose of the group is to stay focused on saving the Gale School, and working diligently to save the structure entirely in its current location or by moving it. Keeping an open mind with the determination of finding the right solution to the problem.

At the 2016 Shaker Regional School District's Annual Meeting (minutes) the SOGSC submitted (2) Warrant Articles (8 & 9) regarding the Gale School, and the SRSD had (1) Warrant Article (10) to demolish the building.  By ballot vote, taxpayers voted not to demolish the building. Warrant Article 8 was amended "to $71,000 and to authorize the SRSD to transfer the property at the corner of Memorial Street and Concord Street and to move the Gale School to said property and transfer the Gale School to the Save Our Gale School Committee subject to said committee attaining status as a non-profit entity. All this being subject to the Save the Gale School Committee attaining said status no later than next year's (2017) Shaker Regional School District meeting." This motion passed on a voice vote. Currently, we are working with our Attorney to become a 501(c)3, and have begun raising funds to get the building in its new location.

What you can do to help? Get Involved!

        -Talk to neighbors, friends, and family about the Gale School.
        -Attend School District Meetings, Selectmen Meetings, and all other         meetings regarding the Gale School.
        -Keep up with educating yourself on current happenings through 
        newspapers, the website, and by visiting the Save Our
        Gale School Facebook and Twitter pages.
        -Support all fundraising activities of the Save Our Gale School Committee.
        -Speak or write to representatives of the School Board, Selectmen, and other         governing bodies.
        -Write letters to the editors of local newspapers.
        -Join the Save Our Gale School Committee by contacting Diane Marden at