Save Our Gale School Committee

Date: August 22, 2006

Location: Belmont Fire Department Training Room

Time: 7PM

Fourteen were present including Shaker Regional School Board member Preston Tuthill and Superintendent of Schools Michael Cozort.

After the Chairman called the meeting to order the minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and unanimously approved with minor additions and corrections.

Chairman Diane Marden then discussed her fundraising activities on Old Home Day as well as her plan to sell raffle tickets and T shirts at the Belknap Mall on Labor Day Weekend. She reported that she had collected $52. toward paying for a newspaper ad explaining the Committee’s position about Gale School and that after all bills were paid, including repaying the Belmont Historical Society the $100. loaned to open the account, there was $304.35 in the account. Jeff Marden reported the results of his contact with several local newspapers regarding the cost of placing such an ad with prices ranging from $1888.74 to $283.50.

Wallace Rhodes reported that a poll of Directors of the Belmont Historical Society indicated that they would authorize the group to operate under the organization’s 501-c3 status as long as activities and funds were segregated and the officers of the committee were members of the Belmont Historical Society .

Jeff Marden reported on the previous night’s Selectmen’s meeting concluding that they are sympathetic to the cause but could offer little help. They did offer to consider moving the school to any town owned land

Preston Tuthill then explained the reasons for Shaker Regional School Board’s need to resolve the status of the Gale School. Superintendent Cozort further explained the school’s needs and possible future space requirements. Several questions were posed by those attending about whether it was necessary to move the building in order to construct the proposed bus turn around as well as how serious a fire hazard the building presented. The Chairman explained that she had scheduled a walk through of the building for Thursday August 24th. at 9AM with Belmont Fire Chief Ric Siegal along with Superintendent Cozort to get the fire department’s opinion about what was needed in fire protection for the building.

Ray Carbone, speaking as a Belmont resident, and not as a press representative, suggested investigating the availability of economic development funding.

The subject of contacting the Selectmen of Canterbury and the Canterbury Historical Society was brought up since their community is also part of the Shaker Regional School District.

Superintendent Cozort suggested that calling School Board members individually might lead to increased understanding of their position regarding the Gale School building.

Next meeting: It was concluded that the next meeting should be held on Tuesday, September 12 at 7PM at the Belmont Fire Station. The all important Shaker Regional School Board meeting will be on Thursday, September 14 at 6PM at the Belmont Middle School Cafeteria. It was the unanimous opinion of members that the Committee should meet prior to that meeting.




 Approved by Committee 9/12/06