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February 1, 2003 - Shaker Regional School District
Feasibility Study of Gale School RELOCATION, Memorial School RENOVATION, and Middle School ACCESS.
​Christopher P. Williams Architects
March 24, 2001 Shaker Regional School District Annual School District Meeting - held at the Belmont Middle School.

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12-06-2006 Laconia Citizen Gale School receives and early present
12-04-2006 Laconia Citizen Effort to Save Gale School continues
11-24-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School group hearing very little that sounds like encouragement

11-21-2006  Gale School Committee Minutes

11-11-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Save Gale school effort just part of historical society revival
11-02-2006 Winnisquam Echo Gale School may get $4,800
10-30-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Waterson approaching Gale School from two different angles
10-27-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School Plans remains Undecided
10-26-2006 Winnisquam Echo Architect hired to look at Shaker's long-term plans
10-25-2006 Laconia Citizen Gale School Committee airsits frustration
10-25-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Save Gale School group is prepared to offer its own warrant article
​10-24-2006 Laconia Daily Sun With no major school projects planned, Gale School group fears inaction
10-24-2006 Laconia Citizen Gale School fate on line in Belmont
10-19-2006 Winnisquam Echo Gale School not on "Seven to Save"
10-16-2006 Laconia Citizen Historic Belmont School gets cleanup
10-16-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Volunteers clear Gale School of 9 truckloads and one dumpster full of old desks & debris
10-12-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School cleanup set for Saturday; Committee seeks volunteers, donations

FALL 2006 Belmont Better Times

10-10-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Concord St. site for Gale School to be investigated
10-10-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Cleanup the Gale School on Saturday
9-28-2006 Winnisquam Echo Committee raising funds to save Gale School
9-23-2006 Manchester Union Leader Belmont residents try to Save Gale School
9-22-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Original Gale School painting to be raffled
9-21-2006 Winnisquam Echo Board delays Gale School decision
9-21-2006 Laconia Citizen Own a piece of history
9-15-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker Board decides to think about Gale School building for awhile longer
9-15-2006 Laconia Citizen Fate of historic school tabled
9-15-2006 Concord Monitor No decision on historic building the old Gale School Could be put on Sale

9-12-2006 Gale School Committee Minutes

9-10-2006 Concord Monitor Gale School is worth Saving; now's the time
9-7-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Attend the school district meeting and help save the Gale School
9-3-2006 Manchester Union Leader Ashland and Shaker Regional districts striving to preserve schools
9-2-2006 Laconia Citizen Gale School fundraiser continues this weekend
8-24-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Corrective notice, "Save Our Gale School" effort grows article from 8-23-2006
8-24-2006 Winnisquam Echo Gale School Committee asks board for support
8-24-2006 Laconia Citizen Gale School worth preserving
8-23-2006 Laconia Daily Sun "Save Our Gale School" effort grows
8-23-2006 Laconia Citizen Options studied for Gale School
8-23-2006 Manchester Union Leader Group raises $650 for school

8-22-2006 Gale School Committee Minutes

8-22-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Selectmen advise Gale School Committee they'll need outside help to save the structure
8-21-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Superintendent points to Memorial building as possible solution for Shaker's space needs
8-11-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Residents organize to save Historic Gale School

8-10-2006 Shaker Regional School District School Board Minutes
8-9-2006 Gale School Committee Minutes

7-24-2006 Laconia Daily Sun No move has been made yet to Save Belmont's Gale School
7-20-2006 Winnisquam Echo Gale School's fate hangs in the balance
7-14-2006 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker board moves to get ride of Gale School

7-13-2006 Shaker Regional School District School Board Minutes
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3-9-3016 Winnisquam Echo Shaker voters rally in support of preserving the Gale School
3-8-2016 The Citizen Shaker Regional School voters approve $21.7 million budget
3-8-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School survives Shaker voting
3-7-2016 The Citizen Gale School save from destruction
3-4-2016 Laconia Daily Sun The Gale School is a beautiful example of Belmont's history
3-2-2016 The Citizen Gale School's fate to be decided Friday
3-1-2016 The Citizen Last Chance to Save Gale School
2-26-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Embree, Caruso vie for Shaker Board Spot
2-26-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Asking voters to instruct Shaker board to use Gale School
2-23-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Once Gale School is gone there is no going back; vote 'yes'
2-22-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Will the Sun Set this Year on the Gale School?
2-9-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School to come before voters in three different warrant articles in March
2-9-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Let me explain the 2 Warrant Articles Dealing with the Gale School
2-9-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Please Vote to Save the Gale School at Shaker Voting on March 4
2-9-2016 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School to come before voters in three different Warrant Articles
2-5-2016 Concord Monitor Shaker Regional School District proposals to switch to SB2, raze Gale School
2016 Public Hearing Presentation Handout
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03-09-2015 Laconia Citizen Shaker Regional School District voters approve, kindergarten, pay raises
03-07-2015 Newspaper Article Shaker voters put off vote on taking wrecking ball to Gale School for a year
03-06-2015 Laconia Citizen Gale School saved for another year
02-19-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker drops full-day kindergarten in favor of half-day pre-K
02-19-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Save Our Gale School committee submits last-minute plan to Shaker School Board
02-18-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Let's not give up on Saving Gale School; come to March 6 meeting
02-14-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Let's move Gale School to solid foundation & convert to SAU office
01-20-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker Board Asking Voters for Universal Pre-K (Gale voted to demolish preserve bell)
01-15-2015 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker board delays vote on Gale School until asbestos costs are known

12-24-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker superintendent wishes Gale School donor had approached board
12-23-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Donor surfaces as Gale School preservation appeared to hit a wall
11-14-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Estimates to raze Gale School in $43,000 range​
11-13-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Gale School Unwanted
09-02-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Shaker Board wants price tag for demolition of Gale School
01-15-2014 Laconia Daily Sun Gale Group meets with Board of Selectmen
11-12-2013 Laconia Daily Sun Trustees nix idea of converting Gale School to Library
09-2013 Laconia Daily Sun Save Gale School Committee encouraged after meeting with Shaker board again​
09-12-2013 The Citizen - Laconia, NH Group suggests use for Gale School
08-30-2013 Laconia Daily Sun Group determined to Save Gale School say building is sound
2013 ​Gale School Inspection - Omega Structural Engineers (hired by Save Our Gale School Committee)
2013 Gale School Inspection - Town of Belmont
2013 The Citizen-Laconia, NH Gale School Belmont, NH
08-28-2013 Laconia Daily Sun State tells Belmont that Gale School has historical significance
07-24-2013 Laconia Daily Sun Committee will make 1 last effort to Save Belmont's Gale School Building
6- 4 & 5-2010 Plan NH- Charret
5-29-2008 Gale School Committee Minutes
4-17-2008 Winnisquam Echo Gale School question continues at annual meeting
4-15-2008 Laconia Daily Sun Town and school think over future of Belmont's Gale School
4-11-2008 Laconia Daily Sun Army engineers, Huot students could reduce cost of saving Gale School
11-29-2007 Shaker Regional Proposed Capital Needs
08-29-2007 Laconia Citizen Capital plans to be addressed in Belmont (consideration given to move Gale School)
March 8, 2002 - Shaker Regional School District - Annual School District Meeting - held at Belmont Middle School.

Article VI
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Victorian Society in America/New England Chapter 01-2016​
Belmont Historical Society 01-2016
NH Preservation Alliance 09-2006
NH Division of Historical Resources 08-2006
NH Division of Historical Resources 06-2001 
     Letter of Resources
Arnold M. Graton Associates 
     Restoration Conservationist 08-1999
NH Division of Historical Resources 11-1998

Save Our Gale School Archives
7-13-2017 RFP Revised Gale School
6-28-2017 RFP Gale School RFP Gale School
3-10-2017 Shaker's Attorney Letter

3-16-2016 Shaker Regional School District Annual Meeting