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Gale School demolition, removal, or restoration???

What do you think Demolition, Removal, or Restoration of the Belmont Gale School??
Restore                                                                                                                                    SELECT ONE BELOW                                                          
Are you a Taxpayer or Registered Voter in - Belmont, NH OR
Are you a Taxpayer or Registered Voter in Canterbury, NH OR
A Former Gale School Student OR
Under the Age of 18 years old attending the Shaker Regional School District OR
More than one of the above applies OR
None of the above - Interested in this building                                                                                                                                                                            SELECT OPTIONS BELOW REGARDING USE OF BUILDING               
SAU #80 Shaker Regional School District Administrative Offices
Move Building for Other Use
Museum Containing School History and Belmont Town History
Additional Classroom Space
Special Education Alternative School for Shaker School District students.
New Town Hall Building relocated
Demolish Building 
Private Sale
Any USE just Save the Building
Other                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER IF RESTORED OR SAVED                      
Spending taxpayer funds
Taxpayer Funds with grants
Taxpayers, Grants, and Donations
Private Donations Only
None of the Above                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you for participating in this Web Poll if you are interested in supporting or assisting with this project please email

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Save Our Gale School Supporters

We found many individuals throughout the
local area who wanted the Gale School Saved some from Belmont and Canterbury others who attended the school who live in the local area.

Name & Community

Abham, Ray~Belmont, NH
Adrenteau, Donna~Laconia, NH
Angupot, Maria~Laconia, NH
Autonelli, H.L.~ Belmont, NH
Banfill, Howard~Laconia, NH
Banfill, Robert S.~Laconia, NH
Bartlett, Sandra~Belmont, NH
Beaqeu, Anonymous~Belmont,NH
Beaudin, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Beaule, Eli~Ashland, NH
Beaule, Mike~Ashland, NH
Beetie, Anonymous~Not Listed
Bickford, John~Belmont, NH
Bickford, Wilbur~Belmont, NH
Bickford, Bill~Belmont, NH
Biggs, Edward~Belmont, NH
Binette, Barbara~Belmont, NH
Binette, Dick~Belmont, NH
Blaisdell, Bertha~Rochester, NH
Blaisdell, Robert~Rochester, NH
Blaisdell, Will~Sanbornton, NH
Blake, Duncan~Moultonboro, NH
Bonstra, Sue~Belmont, NH
Boucher, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Bourque, Diana~Belmont, NH
Brake, Raymond Jr.~Belmont, NH
Brake, Theresa~Belmont, NH
Brown, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Bush, Joseph~Belmont, NH
Caldon, Winstar~Belmont, NH
Carder, Shirley~Laconia, NH
Carhrian, Christine~Laconia, NH
Champagne, Sandra~Belmont, NH
Chandler, Hedi~Belmont, NH
Chase, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Ciampi, Sharon~Belmont, NH
Clark, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Clary, Diane~Belmont, NH
Clay, Ashley~Belmont, NH
Cleary, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Cleavland, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Clifford, Donna~Laconia, NH
Codwell, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Coerd, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Colby, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Collette, Michael~Belmont, NH
Collins, Annette~Belmont, NH
Collins, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Condodematraky, George~Belmont, NH
Cooper, C.~Laconia, NH
Corrieveau, Helen~Belmont, NH
Corriveau, Virginia~Wellingford, CT
Cram, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Crockett, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
DeLucca, Joshua~Laconia, NH
Dearborn, Hali~Belmont, NH
Deitrick, Connie~Belmont, NH
Dinsmoir, Laurie~Laconia, NH
Donnangelo, John~Belmont, NH
Dracut, Anonymous~Winnisquam, NH
Dyer, Katharine~Belmont, NH
Eckerly, Tom~Waltham, MA
Ellsworth, Dwight~Belmont, NH
Emanuel, Andy~Laconia, NH
Emmons, Kim~Belmont, NH
Foden, Ken~Belmont, NH
Frost, Glenna~Belmont, NH
Frost, L.~Belmont, NH
Gallagher, Jamie~Belmont, NH
Garten, Jennifer~Rindge, NH
Giorannucci, Matt~Belmont, NH
Giorannucci, Stephanie~Belmont, NH
Glines, Doreen~Belmont, NH
Harlow, Sally~Belmont, NH
Heatle, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Hibberd, Ceceil~Laconia, NH
Hodgeman, Stella~Belmont, NH
Hood, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Huckins, Steven~Belmont, NH
Iyd, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Johnson, Marie~Belmont, NH
Keefe, Marion~Belmont, NH
Kelley, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Kenniston, Wally~Alton Bay, NH
Kevlyn, Lynn~Laconia, NH
Kole, N.~Belmont, NH
LaFlam, Candy~Laconia, NH
LaFlam, Don~Laconia, NH
LaPlant, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Langlitz, Rebecca~Gilmanton, NH
Larose, Lydia~Belmont, NH
Leonard, Cody~Belmont, NH
Lessard, Peter~Laconia, NH
Linberg, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Loring, Reese~Belmont, NH
Lutz, Linda~Laconia, NH
MacQuarrie, Joan~Belmont, NH
Mallory, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Mannick, Donna~Laconia, NH
Manning, Anonymous~Contocook, NH
Marcoux, Dennis~Belmont, NH
Marcoux, Donna~Belmont, NH
Marden, Diane~Belmont, NH
Marden, Jeffrey~Belmont, NH
Martin, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Maurath, Sallee~Belmont, NH
Mauzy, Donna~Belmont, NH
McBride, David~Laconia, NH
McBride, Virginia~Laconia, NH
Merriam, Pat~Sanbornton, NH
Mitchell, Ronald~Belmont, NH
Moorehead, Jeanine~Gilmanton, NH
Morse, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Murphy, Debbie~Belmont, NH
Murphy, Polly~Belmont, NH
Newell, C.~Laconia, NH
O'Haire, Wilma~Center Harbor, NH
Otto, Ed~Belmont, NH
Parenteau, John P.~Laconia, NH
Parenteau, John R.~Laconia, NH
Parenteau, Kelley~Laconia, NH
Patten, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Patten, Annoymous~Laconia, NH
Peeks, Sherry~Laconia, NH
Peterson, Ford~Sanbornton, NH
Pike, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Polish, Karen~Belmont, NH
Pratt, Gail~Belmont, NH
Presby, Anonymous~Sanbornton, NH
Reneau, Anonymous~Sanbornton, NH
Ricard, Joann~Belmont, NH
Ricard, Rachel~Laconia, NH
Roberts, Michael~Belmont, NH
Romano, Pete~Belmont, NH
Ross, Scott~Belmont, NH
Rowe, Richard~Tilton, NH
Rowe, Rita~Tilton, NH
SaBod, Charles~Contokcook, NH
Sallur, Anonymous~Tilton, NH
Salz, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Sanborn, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Sanborn, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Schweiter, Rebecka~Benninigton, NH
Scott, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Scott, Ken~Not Listed
Sears, Anonymous~Winnisquam, NH
Selesky, Bethany~Laconia, NH
Selesky, Gregg~Laconia, NH
Shepard, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Simeneau, Irene~Gilford, NH
Sladele, Liz~Belmont, NH
Smith, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Smith, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Smith, Bethany~Laconia, NH
Smith, Ethan~Belmont, NH
Smock-Rustu, Leonard~Belmont, NH
Spilor, Anonymous~Gilmanton, NH
Stearns, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Stevens, Anonymous~Laconia, NH
Stevens, Joanne~Belmont, NH
Stevens, Robert~Belmont, NH
Sullivan, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Swinn, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Tessier, Mark~Belmont, NH
Tessier, Pat~Laconia, NH
Thibault, Jane~Laconia, NH
Thurber, Anonymous~Belmont, NH
Tilton, Leigh~Laconia, NH
Toce, Oscar~Laconia, NH
Vater, P.~Tilton, NH
Welch, Betty~Belmont, NH
White, Frank~Belmont, NH
White, L.~Belmont, NH