Note:  The photo above was taken from  "Reminiscences of a New Hampshire Town" compiled by Wallace Rhodes.
Circa 1964
Views of Mosquito Bridge
(Also known as the  Winnisquam Bridge)
A Story About Winnisquam Bridge

Mr. Henry Dalton and his wife Sarah lived in East Tilton. Sarah L. Dalton died June 11, 1911 and was Winnisquam's oldest inhabitant dying when she was 87 years of age. She was very popular, a member of the Winnisquam Grange and received so many floral bouquets at her funeral that it was necessary to use a wagon to transfer the flowers to the gravesite. Some sixty years before her death, when Sarah was a young girl, she had the honor to be the first woman to cross the newly built Winnisquam Bridge. She noticed a hump in the middle which resembled the back of a mosquito, and called it "Mosquito Bridge" and that name has come down from then on to the present time. (Contributed Story, Newspaper Clipping, Unknown Paper and Unknown Author)