Report of The School Board

School year 1909

To the Legal Voters of Belmont:

     In obedience to the laws of the state, we herewith report to you the necessary information concerning the work of our schools for the past year. We have endeavored to be faithful in our work, and in all cases have tried to further the best interests of the schools. Unfortunately Mr. Wells has been obligated to be absent from town during part of the year but the remaining members of the school board have tried to fill in best they could, the vacancy of his absence. As will be seen by the financial report, Mr. Wells has charged nothing for his services as a member of the school board.

     Schools have been maintained for the full three terms, in the Ladd Hill, Jamestown, Upper Province road, and Gale schools. Two terms of twenty seven weeks in all, have been taught at the Lower Province Road School where the number of pupils has been much larger than before for many years. The Plummer school has been closed for several terms but this fall we found the number of school children in the school district large enough to justify us having school there in the fall and early winter. The Union district had so few pupils and these could so conveniently be sent to the Jamestown or Ladd Hill schools, that the house was closed for during spring and fall terms. During the winter term, however there being a larger number of pupils, a school was held in this district.

     We think that in general the schools have been doing satisfactory work. Some changes have been made and it is sometimes difficult to supply the place of a efficient teacher. The Ladd Hill School is an instance of this, where Mrs. Ethel N. Jewett has done such excellent work for several years. Last fall she was transferred to the village grammar school, where she has fully maintained her reputation as teacher.

     There has been no epidemic of sickness to interfere with the work of our schools this year so the attendance report is better than in some years. Our Supervisor has made a special effort to work with the teachers to bring about an improvement in that respect.

     In compliance with the voters at the last school meeting, your school board, after due consideration, decided upon the union of this district with Tilton Town and Union Districts, also Northfield, in a supervisory union. Mr. Ernest Cobb being elected supervisor at the salary of $1400.00. $175.00 to be paid by the Belmont District. The supervisors time was apportioned so as to give this district one day a week, this made a visit to each school once in two weeks on an average, which is near average for the state. We think the system of the supervision an excellent one, and calculated to bring good results. It will take some time however to get matters adjusted so that the best results may be seen. At the opening of the fall term but one teacher returned to take up the work laid down in June. Miss Weeks at Lower Province Road, Mr. Piper, Mrs. Sanborn, Miss. Hill, Miss Scruton, Miss. Chase leaving town, Mrs. Jewett being transferred from Ladd Hill, and Miss Gile from Jamestown to the Gale School. Ladd Hill, Jamestown, Upper Province Road, Plummer and Union, all having teachers with no experience. With less scholars and a change in grading, four teachers are able to do the work at the Gale school, and we do not expect the fifth will be required the coming year. All schools which have had a full year have been in cession thirty-four weeks, and the treasurers report show a balance on hand which will more than pay the salary of the supervisor to the end of the school year.

     We take this opportunity to extend our thanks for the many courtesies we have received from parents, teachers, and scholars. Especially would the retiring member from Province Road, acknowledge his appreciation of the kindly relations which have existed between himself and all concerned during his term in office.   

Respectfully submitted,

Artemas F. Rogers

James C. Hill

School Board Members Belmont

* information from town report  2/15/1910